A Chat With The KRDS India FaceCode Hackathon Winners

A Chat With The KRDS India FaceCode Hackathon Winners in which they share their experiences

KRDS India, which had recently organized the ‘KRDS FaceCode’, a nightlong hackathon for Facebook app developers has announced the winners along with their cool apps.

Recently, I had shared a story about the KRDS India Facebook Apps hackathon that was being organized on July 7th and lasted till July 8th. The 24-hour, all night hackathon was themed as “Write the Future” and was organized for the second time to support the developers in India.

The winners have been declared and the best three apps that have been chosen are CronyWhere am I, and Advance Chat. Siddharth Chan, Vignesh Panneerselvam and Deepak Raj have been the brain behind Crony, which was the winning app in the hackathon. “Where Am I” a location based game that took the first runners up, was designed by Karthik Hariharan and Abhinandan Ramaprasath. The second runner up was Advance Chat developed by Rohit Gupta.

KRDS Facebook hackathon

The apps that have been selected are not only exciting but also make an effort to solve user pain points. For example, Crony is not just a scheduling app on Facebook but it let’s you schedule posts, status messages and videos or photos too. Along with these features, Crony can also schedule friends birthday wishes in advance and for that the user need not be online, says Siddharth Chan.

In fact Preetham Venkky, KRDS Asia Head added that Crony is just not another scheduling app but it could grow more and it is built inside Facebook. At the same time, Preetham has been upbeat by the quality of participants that the second season of KRDS hackathon has witnessed. He added that,

“Quality has improved 100% and kids these days are very much aware of social media and they are utilizing Facebook in a very effective way. Using social graph and building apps on that is innovative”.

Determining interests of users with the help of the social graph and then developing an app is the way forward. “Where AM I” is one such app that has been very successful in executing this.  Abhinandan Ramaprasath explained that the app has been built on the preferences of a user and then it has the layer of gamification model. For example, since I like football, the app would show me a football stadium and I will have to guess the name of the stadium. If I miss it on the first attempt then I can zoom in with the satellite map but in doing so I lose points.

Abhinandan and Karthik are working on the app further and they plan to add a lot of new features in the coming days like the way Crony has planned. “Where Am I” looks very interesting and could be one of the apps to be watched, thinks Preetham and it is also one of his favorite apps of the event.

Definitely both the apps sound to have great potential to grow big but along with the two, “Advance Chat” can’t be left behind. Rohit is the one man army for the app and he did this entirely online since he couldn’t be a part of the offline excitement. Rohit adds that the app not only provides you stylish fonts to greet your family and friends but it also supports emoticons that are unique to the Internet.

Besides coming up with interesting apps, the winners had praised the way the hackathon was conducted by KRDS. For Abhinandan, the hackathon was not only about creating apps but it also gave him an opportunity to meet lot of cool people from the same interest background. Rohit who was participating in the contest online was quite upbeat from a day prior to the hackathon. Siddharth also felt the same and said that the ambience and the reception was amazing and the theme “Writing the Future’ was well implemented due to the efforts of KRDS.

However, Siddharth had one suggestion for KRDS about the way hosting details were announced. “May be they could have announced the details about hosting while the contest  was announced rather than giving a quick walk through on the D-day” added Siddharth.

Hope KRDS India has noted down the suggestion and I wish these events are organised more in future. This would not only allow developers to showcase their potential but also give them an opportunity to mix with others on a common platform. In addition to this, I am impressed the way KRDS had kept the event open in all it’s centers in India and also gave the option to developers to code via online. I guess these are the small ways by which you develop an eco-system in India.

Congrats to all of the winners and in the coming days I would be reviewing the apps individually. And if you are an aspiring developer who wants to grow big one day then Rohit’s simple advice might help you,

“Whatever you do have your basics clear. You can create great apps from basic knowledge. Take the example of my app only, it’s a normal HTML and Java Script based app. No database, No advanced knowledge of the language.”