A Case Study on Aircel National Tenpin Bowling Championship

A social media Case Study on Aircel National Tenpin Bowling Championship executed by Brandmovers

How many of us are aware of the National Tenpin Bowling Championships? And how many out of them are aware that Aircel has been associated with this sport since two years? In a cricket-crazy nation, it is not often that you come across the sport of bowling other than as a leisure activity at shopping malls and entertainment galleries. Aircel wanted to change this and so got together with Brandmovers, an interactive promotions agency to create awareness and engagement for the championship held in Bangalore from 6th to 13th November, 2011. Shared below is the case study on how they went about doing it and what they achieved a as result.

Aircel Microsite

Creating a microsite to live stream the bowling event

For the first time in India, a sporting event other than Cricket was streamed LIVE across the Globe on an innovative microsite ‘aircelbowling.in’ that was powered by Aircel 3G. In order to make the viewing experience more interactive, proprietary technology developed by a silicon valley startup, Fanchatter was used. Not only could viewers watch the championship live, they could also talk and share with their friends or fellow enthusiasts in a live chat by simply using their Facebook or Twitter logins, all at the same time. As a result, Aircel created value for itself and its potential customers:

  • Live streaming would project the high speed efficiency of Aircel 3G.
  • Simulating a real world bowling championship event with live chatting option is the killer here. Certainly will bring in the ‘right’ audience and thus engage with the right target group.
Aircel live stream Indian data
Designer  QR code

Using designer QR codes to bring on the offline crowd

Designer QR codes (or quick response codes) were placed across bowling venues in Bangalore. Everyone who scanned these codes were re-directed to the Aircel microsite, instructed to engage with the livestream and win prizes by simply sharing their love for the sport. Having the Samsung Galaxy Note as the grand prize offered the right incentive apart from an exclusive gift for every scan.

This was the first time ever in the history of Indian advertising that a branded designer QR code had been used and also a first time where QR code has been used to promote a sporting event. According to research, people are five times more likely to scan designer QR codes as opposed to standard ones and the only other brands to have used QR codes successfully in India are McDonalds & Ford Figo. (( Source: Industry research by Brandmovers India))  Aircel stood to gain in many ways here:

  • By managing to bring the offline bowling enthusiasts to watch the live streaming of the championship, Aircel created an opportunity to engage with the offline target group.
  • Using designer QR codes has not only helped Aircel to position itself as a tech-savvy brand but also added the much required human element, further attracting the right TG.
  • The data received about the top devices that were used to scan the QR code will help Aircel in their product plan offerings.
QR code reach data

Engaging with the right audience on social networks

A hashtag called #lovebowling was conceived which would unite all enthusiasts from offline and Social networks like Facebook and Twitter. All one had to do was show their love for bowling by posting a Facebook update or a Twitter tweet with the given tag. Also, all the interaction on the LIVE chat stream was tagged with the hashtag #lovebowling, where viewers showcased their love for the sport by sharing user-generated photos, videos and blog posts. More users became vocal supporters and helped to bring in others through word of mouth. In addition, more than 10 different Facebook ads were created and specific timings were used to create maximum engagement among fans.  Subsequently, users with the best comments from the LIVE chat stream stood a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Note and other exclusive prizes from Aircel.

Aircel benefitted by way of:

  • The hashtag #Lovebowling became a trending topic in Bangalore, during the event. As a result of which Aircel could showcase its association with bowling.
  • More was achieved with less. This trending and the reach generated thereby was made possible with a small budget using only the hashtag idea.
  • Out of the 19.9 million targeted people, 1.09 million people viewed the Facebook ads.
Twitter reach data

The impact

The campaign not only got a lot of eyeballs but also created value for Aircel.  As a result of their circle engagement approach, Aircel managed to build:

  • Almost 1500 hours of brand engagement from 35 countries.
  • Over 8000 people visited the microsite and more than 1000 hours of live video was watched during the tournament, spending more than 3 minutes.
  • Most engaging QR code in India with over 500 scans in less than 7 days.
  • More than 200K impressions on Twitter with the hastag #lovebowling trending in Bangalore during the event.
  • More than 100 original pieces of content created by fans, including photos, videos and blog posts.

The beauty of this campaign lies in its overall perfection right from conception to execution. I love the fact that it did not deviate from its objective at any point in time and tried the concept of QR codes to bring in the offline crowd. A brand that experiments on social media is certain to win it.

We wish to share more of such focussed campaigns as case studies this year. Hope brands are getting serious and ready to experiment.

We also thank Suvajyoti Ghosh of Brandmovers India for sharing this story with us.