‘Prestige Smart Kitchen Wishlist’- Facebook App Of Prestige[App Review]

‘Prestige Smart Kitchen Wishlist’- Facebook App Of Prestige[App Review]

Certain brands over a period become household names and the same is with Prestige. Prestige has been a name that is synonymous with Indian kitchens. Remember those Prestige cookers that would help our ammas to serve us hot delicious food. Today Prestige, which had been a name in offline marketing is trying to register it’s foot prints on social media too. Prestige is now showcasing it’s wide range of smart kitchen appliances on Facebook that they carry in their stores across India. Adhvith Dhuddu, CEO  & Founder of AliveNow which is the social media agency driving the campaign added more to the Prestige’s objective and their strategy:

The primary objective of the client was to showcase to everyone the wide range of smart kitchen appliances that they carry in their stores across India. Usually, when one thinks of Prestige, only the Pressure Cooker comes to mind, as this is and continues to be one of the flagship products. But now, we wanted to display the complete range of smart kitchen appliances that Prestige carries. So we thought, one of the best ways to share this is to show people some products, and actually have them select three products on the Facebook page itself, and eventually 3 lucky winners will actually win the products they wished for!

‘Prestige Smart Kitchen Wishlist’ is the Facebook App that has been created for fans. So if you are Prestige fan and want to try your luck then follow the steps:

1. Log into the app after liking the page.

2. Select and drag three Prestige items into the cart that you plan to have in your kitchen. Make sure that the cost of items chosen by you is less than Rs.4000.

Prestige items to be selected

Shopping Cart

3. Finally when you have selected, you have to submit with your contact details and you also need to tell what is the first thing you are going to cook after having the Prestige smart kitchen appliances.

Final Step

That completes your part and now if your luck shines then you would be one of the three lucky winners to get your desired wish list for free. Apart from these three, fifteen more will get vouchers of Rs.250.

The app is a simple, no-brainer one which makes it more likeable. The drag and drop feature is good but selection on click could have made a fan’s life more easy. Apart from that, the app is neat and sure to win some hearts among fans. Advith added that the app which was launched last weekend has gathered a good response. He also shared some numbers to give us a clearer picture:

We have had an overwhelming response to the app so far. In less just 2 days the page itself has increased its userbase by 10 times (from about 100 odd likes to over 1000 likes) and this continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. But the more important metric is the number of entries to this contest, and the numbers are amazing. We have got close to a 20% conversion in terms of likes to no. of people taking part, so we have about 200 odd entries to the contest so far from the 1000-odd likes we have generated. Now 20% conversion is something spectacular and we think it’s because of the simple and good looking UI, and the viral nature of the app (i.e. users who take part also post on their wall’s which is shared with all their friends!). So in two days we’ve got such awesome results, by 2 week’s time, I expect even more amazing numbers.

Simplicity is the key factor of the app but there are two major issues with the app:

1. The app allows me to enter the contest even if I am not a fan. AliveNow could have made it exclusive for fans or it could have asked a user to like it first and then enter the contest.

2. The app also posts a message on fan’s timeline but the content is not shared before posting. Thanks to Preetham Venkky for pointing this. He thinks that it should be immediately worked upon as it fails to meet Facebook guidelines for apps.

Hope AliveNow works on the points highlighted. However, the app gives you a chance to view the exciting range of Prestige products and above all the fan spends some valuable time on the fan page. Giving the user an experience and making him engage on the fan page is a well thought of campaign.

Do give it a try and let us know if you get lucky and win the contest.

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