94.3 Radio One India Apologizes For Blocking Fans, Says #ListenerWins!

94.3 Radio One India has apologised for blocking fans and has also made amends for its earlier miscommunication with the fans


In what will be remembered as a social media win in this country, 94.3 Radio One India has apologised for blocking a student and a fan, Harsh Mehta and has also made amends for its earlier miscommunication with the fans. Although, the apology came in a good one week later, it is still commendable as the community has bonded again!

Harsh and a few others were fans of the radio station’s popular weekly EDM show ‘In The Mix’, hosted by Nikhil Chinapa. The show was discontinued for some reason and disheartened fans needed to know why. If the tweet response that followed a question put forward by Harsh was needlessly unwarranted, the subsequent blocking was even worse. 94.3 Radio One India also blocked a few others who questioned their actions on social media.

Yesterday, the station tweeted to Harsh – “#OpenDeclaration from 94.3 #RadioOneMegaMix YOU WON! We apologize for the stress caused to you. We wish you all the best for exams.


And, followed this up by tweeting congratulations to Nikhil Chinapa and Nawed Khan for their new online EDM show.


Besides, the radio station has tweeted its responses to all the questions that had been put forth by the fans – on the discontinuity of its earlier EDM show, about having called that show ‘outdated’, and about the co-ownership controversy.


Although, it is upto an individual who he/she chooses to follow or block on Twitter, when it comes to brands, ‘blocking users’ for asking pertinent questions is just not done. Twitter offers the ‘block user’ facility so one cannot be abused or spammed on a public forum like Twitter. When fans enquired about ‘unblocking others’, 94.3 Radio One India stated that it will scan through tweets to decide which ones will be ‘unblocked’ as abusive ones will still remain ‘blocked’. Fair enough!

All is well that’s ends well! The community seems to have bonded even more for the love of music; its beautiful to experience the power of an apology. However, this could have been achieved earlier, had the apology and unblocking not been delayed so long. Nevertheless, by apologizing and making up with its community, 94.3 Radio One India has set an example for brands who want to be ‘social’.