9 Reasons Why You Are Unfollowed On Twitter

9 Reasons Why You Are Unfollowed On Twitter

Do you check who unfollowed you in the same way you check who followed you daily on Twitter. One may debate that why should I care if someone has unfollowed me. If you are tweeting for the love of doing it then it doesn’t matter much but if you are a brand or a business then does it still not? You would like to know how your 140 characters are being interpreted. Are they being liked or disliked? Since Twitter is a social space, 140 characters can make or break a brand. After all it takes just seconds to get viral. We recently found a discussion on Quora that got us excited enough to write this post. We are listing down 9 mistakes that generally force your followers to unfollow you.

1.You talk nonsense. Don’t get hurt but as a brand do you maintain a niche area when you talk or share content. For e.g. if you are a brand that deals in cosmetics and is talking constantly about anything and everything other than your focus area. Your community is following you with an expectation  that they will be informed about the brand and in return what are you doing breaking their expectation. So take a look at your timeline and judge rationally whether you are talking sense.

2.You talk without respect. Twitter is a social space and your community is following you because they believe in you and trust you. So you are bound to keep that trust and not spoil it by abusing someone or getting personal on twitter. Brands must be friendly but shouldn’t get personal by asking questions about one’s personal life, religion, etc. These don’t count as engagement and as a brand your reputation is on stake. It takes seconds for one small tweet to break you. So before you push that tweet button take a step back and think.

3.You are a robot. Twitter is a social space and there is no space for robots. It’s not about the number of tweets you tweet in a day but what matters is the content and how helpful is it for your community. So don’t think that tweeting automated links via apps 24*7 is a smart move. Your community would respect your time and their time if you be real on Twitter.

4.You are an online salesman. Are you? If yes, then Twitter is not a space for you. Nobody likes a brand that goes on blowing its own trumpet. So if you believe in this ideology then you will never succeed in Twitter, forget building your community and doing business. So be real and stop being an online salesman as it would lead to more and more unfollows.
5.You are a re-tweeting parrot. Will you like a twitterati whom you consider as an influencer and who is day and night re-tweeting links without showing any interest in talking? Chances are that you are going to unfollow him so why follow the same route.

6.You share blindly. Sharing is great on Twitter but don’t do it for the heck of doing it or beating your previous score. You may look like spam unless you read and verify whathat you are sharing. If you don’t do so, chances are that you might share links that don’t work or are inappropriate for your community. Just as you won’t love broken links, others won’t too As brands ensure whatever you share to reduce the chances of being unfollowed.

7.You love the automated DM’s too much. How much time does it take to write a customized message to your community? Maybe two minutes and as brands if you don’t have that much time then we believe you don’t deserve to be followed. Why use automated stuff when Twitter is about people. Be real and give that personal touch; we are sure that you will reap benefits or get ready to be unfollowed in an automated way too.

8.You are a cry baby. Twitter is a healthy place where people are communicating as they love doing it on their social space, so why pollute it by cribbing about everything? It’s good to make your point but constantly crying and shouting badly about others will brand you immature. And if you still like to do so then there are other forums but surely Twitter is not the one.

9.You don’t engage. If you don’t engage then you really are not meant to be on Twitter. So talk to people, know what your community feels and wants from your brand. Try to appreciate their presence; talk and be normal. If you don’t do so, you don’t respect your community and chances are that your community won’t be happy to follow you anymore.
In short, Twitter is a social space so be real and natural in the same way you behave in your offline world and followers will be drifted towards you. And if you want to keep a track on who has unfollowed you then these 4 apps can help you.
1. @unfollow twitter handle is the easiest and convenient way to know who has unfollowed you. The Twitter handle drops you a DM when someone unfollows you. However, the missing gap here is finding out what actually led to the unfollow.
2. Qwitter is another app that tracks who unfollowed you and delivers you the details via email. You need to sign in with your Twitter handle and the job is done. But most of the cool features are in the premium section.
3. ManageFlitter and 4. Twoolr though are not a specific unfollow app but they also provide details on who unfollowed you. Twoolr provides you with tweets that might have led to the unfollow, if you buy their premium version after a month’s free use.
Is there any other reason that compels you to unfollow someone on Twitter?
Mind sharing 🙂