9 Major Updates From Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Tumblr

Major news from social networks - Snapchat is buying Bitstrips, Twitter jumping into Stickers, Facebook Audience Network partners MoPub, Yahoo Facebook ads, and more

Snapchat Snags Facebook’s Mike Randall

1. Facebook Audience Network partners with third-party mediation platforms, including Twitter’s MoPub: Facebook Audience Network (FAN) has launched a partner program for mobile mediation platforms to integrate with the mobile ad network. App publishers using one of the approved third-party platforms will be able to tap FAN’s native ad formats and get access to the demand generated by Facebook’s three million advertisers.

2. Facebook video metrics add richer day-by-day data: Facebook is improving upon the video metrics feature it rolled out last month. In February, Facebook enhanced its video metric view with information on minutes viewed, 10-second views, whether videos were watched with sound on (or off), unique viewers, views, average percent completion, audience retention, average view duration and organic vs. paid views. Today, even more detail is being added to video metrics, including day-by-day performance.

3. Impersonated on Facebook? The social network is testing an alert feature: Facebook’s safety team is working to prevent impersonation, enhance security and stop the spread of images that expose victims of abuse.

4. Snapchat Is Buying Bitstrips, the Company That Turns You Into an Emoji: Snapchat is buying Bitstrips, the company behind the Bitmoji app that lets you create an avatar of yourself to share on social media and over text, according to a source familiar with the deal.

5. Square integrates Facebook Ads into expanding “Customer Engagement” suite: Local commerce platform Square announced this afternoon that it was integrating Facebook advertising into its growing CRM suite that it calls “Customer Engagement.” Facebook Ads now join email marketing as part of an expanding toolset layered on top of Square’s core payments and POS services for local businesses.

6. Facebook’s New Insights Will Help Marketers Win Auctions So More Users See Their Ads:Today, Facebook is introducing Delivery Insights, a tool that will help brands understand how their promotions are performing in Facebook’s ads auction. The social media company uses the platform to pair ads with the right users based on price, intent and quality. Delivery Insights allows marketers to see which ads are underdelivering and tweak them to better reach the desired audience size. The tool, located in the “Delivery” column of a campaign or under the “Tools” tabs, is rolling out globally over the coming weeks.

7. Snapchat Discover’s caption button makes videos audio-agnostic: Snapchat has quietly added a caption button that Discover publishers can use to make their videos audio-optional. When a publisher has made the option available, people can click the button to toggle on subtitles in order to watch a video without sound.

8. Twitter looking to see if stickers are right for its future: Twitter may be jumping into the stickers game. The company is testing a new product called “Stickers” that will allow you to affix these graphics right onto any photo before you tweet them out. What’s more, it’s said that there’ll also be a feature that suggests other edits that have been made to the same photo, likely to encourage users to participate in furthering a meme.

9. Yahoo may let FB sell ads on Tumblr to get the biz back on track: Yahoo and Facebook are in discussions about a deal that would allow Facebook to sells ads on Tumblr web pages. The Facebook-brokered ads would arrive on Tumblr via the Facebook Audience Network, the service where Facebook helps marketers place their ads beyond Facebook’s own social network.