The 10 Must Watch Long Format Indian Ad Films Of 2014

A curated list of the best long format ad films by Indian brands in 2014

2014 has been an exciting year in terms of media evolution. Brands are no more restricted to spread their message within 30 seconds or a minute to the vast masses on television. They can say it instead in short films sometimes as long as 7 minutes and receive better response on digital.

The 30-second TVC has been replaced with a longer digital version to enable better storytelling and deeper connect. Moreover, digital films are shareable over social connections and thus connect well with the consumer (Read more on why storytelling is the future of digital marketing.) Here, we bring you the best long format ad films made specifically for the digital audiences in 2014:

1. Sony #AlphaStories

“They were no ordinary hands. They were the hands of the most beautiful and loving woman in this world” – Priyankar Patra, a young aspiring photographer goes on to discover his mother’s life through the lines on her palms. The 3-minute film is the first advertising campaign for the Alpha series of DSLR cameras by Sony India. More about the campaign here.

2. Fortune Oil ‘Ghar ka khana’

Fortune oil created a social media stir with its 4.43 minute ad film stressing on how home cooked food is the best any day. A sweet little grandmother persists on every day at the hospital in which her grandson is admitted at, to be allowed to feed him just two spoonfuls of home cooked daal. While the unrelenting nurse tries her best to discourage the old lady, she does give up one day after tasting a little of the home cooked food.

3. Havells Appliances Respect for women

Extending the brand’s message of ‘Respect for women’, a 3-minute video featuring Vasudha Sharma from the pop band Aasma and Sarthak Mudgal a renowned percussionist, has a story around it which ties up with the central theme that a women’s place is not in the kitchen alone, but it is wherever she wants to be. Interestingly, the musical beats are created with the help of everyday appliances used in the kitchen. More about campaign here.

4. Airtel Smartphone Network ‘Boss film’

For the promotions of its Smartphone Network, Airtel launched a much in social media debate film called the ‘Boss’. The 1.31 minute film features a female boss who wants the job to be completed before her team leaves for the day. Only after she returns home late evening and starts cooking for her husband who is busy working late, and whom she is seen urging to come home early using her smartphone, does the viewer realise that she is his boss. More about the campaign here.

5. Nescafe stammering standup comedian

This year, coffee brand Nescafe wanted to rejuvenate the brand and make it more contemporary. It launched a film about a stammering stand-up comedian that became an instant hit with the social savvy generation. The main protagonist in the two-minute film is rejected due to his constant stuttering but finally ends up as a successful stand up comedian when he makes stammering work in his favour. More about the campaign here.

6. PepsiCo #GharWaliDiwali

This Diwali, Pepsi and Kurkure came up with a 7-minute short film themed around the joys of a homecoming. Directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, it centred around a young working mother who stays in a different city, and is always reaching out to her parents for help over video calls, social media networks and frantic speed dial calls. But when it comes to visiting them for the festival, she drops the plan to be with her friends instead. More about the campaign here.

7. KitKat #MyDiwaliBreak

KitKat India’s 4-minute Diwali Music Video featured a lonely astronaut out in space missing her family back in India. The beautiful story is set inside a spacecraft where we can see her missing her family and looking outside when the spacecraft moves over India. On Diwali day, she receives a KitKat and is happy to be over a brightly lit up India. More about the campaign here.

8. Kissanpur Real joy of togetherness

Reviving the idea behind ‘Kissanpur’, HUL’s Kissan launched a 4-minute film to bring consumers back to experiencing real joy – the joy of togetherness in their lives. Offering a shocking insight into our digitally driven lives today, it stars an urban boy named Rohan who misses playing with his parents, as they are too busy with their smartphones and laptops. More about the campaign here.

9. McDowell’s #No1Yaari

Spirit maker McDowell’s No. 1 rolled out a campaign celebrating friendship with a 7-minute digital film. Conceptualised by DDB Mudra, the film titled ‘#No1Yaari, an ode to Yaari’ is more like a 7-minute friendship song. Sung by acclaimed singer Mohit Chauhan and composed by Rajeev Bhalla with lyrics penned by Sonal Dabral, McDowell’s No. 1 Yaari captures the magic of old friendship through the story of 3 childhood friends. More about the campaign here.

10. Godrej Appliances Women’s day DVC

For Women’s day, Godrej Appliances launched a DVC breaking misconceptions that women are not as tech-savvy as men are, while also showcasing the brand’s products. It featured a multi-tasking woman who is at ease with technology at home and at work, but she feels she isn’t being appreciated for all that she does for the family, through a sweet story involving her blogger husband. More about the campaign here.

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