9 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

A list of the best global digital campaigns from the week which include #ShareACoke, Washington Post video strategy, Melanoma Likes Me,

1. Porsche wants its digital marketing to become a newsroom: Porsche’s is adapting its digital marketing to function with a newsroom mindset in an attempt to establish a quicker and more professional way of channeling different departments’ use of media into coordinated brand messages.

2. Melanoma Likes Me: Melanoma Likes Me, a digital advertising campaign from Melanoma Patients Australia, has won the Grand Prix for Good at Spikes Asia, alongside Gold for Direct, Media, and Promo & Activation.

3. Why Channel 4 is adopting targeted video ads: Channel 4 is moving away from traditional linear ad feeds across its digital properties, including All4, in favor of dynamically served, targeted ads.

4. How The Washington Post is pivoting its video strategy: The Washington Post’s video strategy is finally catching up with the times. On Thursday, the publisher announced it’s ditching the “PostTV” moniker for its in-house video unit in favor of “Washington Post Video.” The name change embodies the publisher’s shift away from television-style and long-form narrative content toward more digitally native video formats and structures.

5. Esquire Launches an Expansive, Paid Digital Archive to Mark Its 1,000th Issue: For its 1,000th issue, Esquire is reaching back into its storied past. Esquire debuted in the autumn of 1933 with contributions from Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos and Dashiell Hammett. Over its 82-year existence, the famed men’s magazine has featured stories from other literary heavyweights including John Steinbeck, Norman Mailer and Stephen King.

6. This Interactive Coke Ad in a Subway Station Winks and Smiles When You Do: A digital ad housed in a Stockholm, Sweden, subway station lets passersby determine what emotions appear on the vertical, rectangular screen. In a nutshell, Coke’s emojis mimic the consumers’ facial expressions. The fun campaign uses a “Choose Happiness” tagline, an extension of Coke’s multi-channel #MakeItHappy endeavor.

7. Cure Kids Team Ball Player Thing: Cure Kids, the official charity of New Zealand rugby team the All Blacks, has become the focus of multimedia advertising campaign, “Team Ball Player Thing”, aimed at inspiring the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup, uniting Kiwis and creating a world without Batten disease. The campaign is centred around a music video in which NZ celebrities sing a “We are the world” style song with lyrics written by children.

8. Gatorade enters the game with its first VR experience: Gatorade Virtual Reality, which launched today, puts users in the body and mind of MLB all-star Bryce Harper as he bats for the Washington Nationals. Using a VR headset and headphones, the user feels like she is standing in the batter’s box in Nationals Park as several pitches are thrown, with a recording of Harper’s “thoughts” in his voice coming through headphones.

9. Coke is the first brand to get a custom Twitter emoji: Coke is it. And by “it” we mean the first company to have its own custom emoji — a pair of glass bottles adorned with its signature red label. The emojis appear when people tweet the hashtag #ShareACoke.