9 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Global digital campaigns: War Child Mothers Day sacrifice, Red Cross history lessons, billboard for a funeral home lovers, and more

1. Talking Bones on Torture: The Dignity Institute is running “Talking Bones”, a direct advertising campaign designed to raise awareness of the replies faced by more than 125,000 political violence and torture victims living in France.

2. Google proposes 13 emojis to better represent female professionals: A group of Google employees is pushing for 13 new emojis to be approved with a “goal of highlighting the diversity of women’s careers and empower girls everywhere,” according to their proposal submitted to the Unicode Consortium this week.

3. This Darkly Clever Billboard for a Funeral Home Leaves Toronto Motorists Aghast: This billboard, which went up this week next to the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, is provocative in the extreme—blatantly urging drivers to text and drive as a way of drumming up business for the advertiser, Wathan Funeral Home.

4. Love Labyrinth: The One Love Foundation has released “Love Labyrinth”, a short film designed to help teens recognised and prevent relationship abuse. The One Love Foundation was founded in 2010 in memory of Yeardley Love, a senior lacrosse player at University of Virginia, who was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend.

5. Pedigree First Meeting: Pedigree Mexico is running “Pedigree First Meeting”, a commercial celebrating the relationship between humans and dogs, a connection that spans back centuries.

6. The Day I Met Attenborough: BBC celebration of Sir David Attenborough’s 90th birthday is brought to animated life with “The Day I Met Attenborough”, a set of short films produced at Aardman Studios.

7. Red Cross History Lesson: Red Cross Flanders is marking International Red Cross Day, May 8, with “Red Cross History Lesson”, an animated film contrasting the impact of war-related symbols with the life-saving symbolism of the red cross.

8. War Child Mothers Day Sacrifice: Launching just in time for Mother’s Day, a new campaign from War Child aims to raise funds to support these mothers living in conflict. The work, developed in partnership with john st., takes a unique approach: asking mothers to make a Mother’s Day Sacrifice — giving up their usual gift in exchange for a donation to War Child.

9. Ben-u-ron Motherhood Vows: Bene Farmacêutica, a pharmaceutical company in Portugal, is promoting paracetamol brand Ben-u-ron with “E Para Sempre” (It’s Forever), an advertising campaign centred on the commitment of mothers. Launched initially for International Womens Day on March 8, the campaign began with “The Oath”/”Juramento”, a commercial celebrating the relationship of a mother with her child.