9 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Best of the global campaigns from let week which includes Heineken running “Moderate Drinkers Wanted, Unilever has launched “Find Your Magic” and more

1.Ford wants people to know it’s not just about the ‘Mondeo Man’ in latest ad: Ford of Britain is hoping it can encourage consumers to re-asses their preconceptions about the brand in a new campaign that asks people to ‘Un-learn’.

2. Timberland creates its first digitally connected store: Timberland is trying to merge online and offline shopping with its first digitally connected store, equipped with tablets that customers can use to learn more about the retailer’s products.

3. Axe Find Your Magic: Unilever has launched “Find Your Magic”, a campaign seeking to reframe the Axe and Lynx brands, helping guys shed outdated views of masculinity and embrace what makes them unique. Men all have their own “thing” – something special that makes them attractive to the world, whether it’s their walk, their talk, their smile or their style – it’s their magic.

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4. Johnnie Walker Dear Brother: Students at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart, Germany, have produced “Dear Brother”, a moving spec commercial for Scottish whisky Johnnie Walker. Filmed largely on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, the film shows two brothers walking the roads of their youth, enjoying a glass of Black Label together in an abandoned house before heading to look out over the sea for a final farewell.

5. Why Plus Size Women Shouldn’t Do Yoga: Penningtons, a Canadian store that specializes in “plus-size” womens’ clothing, is gathering attention for the “I will not compromise” campaign with “Why Plus Size Women Don’t Do Yoga”, an online commercial featuring yoga instructor Dianne Bondy. Bondy sets out to disprove many of the myths relating to yoga and the plus size woman. The film has had millions of views on Facebook since its release on January 4.

6. Honeyvr recreates the 1906 san francisco quake and more in trailer of upcoming vr films: Virtual reality content company HoneyVR unveiled a trailer showcasing 20 of more than 50 upcoming virtual reality films the company plans to release. The films are set to be released this spring, and are part of HoneyVR’s goal to release more than 200 VR films by the end of the year.

7. New marshmallow Peeps social media campaign targets millennial moms: With the presidential campaigns running hot and strong, Just Born Quality Confections has hired a Madison Avenue firm to run a Peeps marketing set that targets millennial moms by offering an election of its own. The Terri and Sandy Solution firm will pit groundhogs against the Peeps chicks in a series of videos on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to determine which will be crowned “the true sign of spring.”

8. Quorn snaps up cycling, swimming and hockey stars for #FoodQuorn digital push: Quorn has unveiled digital content campaign #FoodQuorn featuring well-known faces from cycling, swimming and hockey. Taking the lead from the brand’s above-the-line campaign starring Mo Farah, the digital push looks to engage with new audiences online as more healthy and active people look to replace meat once or twice a week.

9. Heineken Moderate Drinkers Wanted: Heineken is running “Moderate Drinkers Wanted,” an integrated global marketing campaign championing responsible alcohol consumption. Rooted in research that shows responsible drinking is becoming the preferred means of enjoyment for those 21+, Heineken® is using the campaign to encourage men to drink responsibly during their nights out by showcasing how potential partners may find those who practice responsible behavior more approachable.