1. Miracle of Mulberry: British lifestyle brand Mulberry is running “Miracle of Mulberry”, a Christmas advertising campaign providing a playful take on the Nativity Story. The two minute online film brings together a very British ensemble of characters who come from far and wide to witness the ‘Miracle of Mulberry’.

2. A Vine Influencer Created These Stop-Motion Spots to Encourage Kids to be Drug Free: To bring the stop-motion campaign “Who Controls You?” to life, the Partnership tapped Vine influencer Maris Jones and production company Adolescent. Jones, who has been using Vine for about a year and a half and experimenting with stop motion all her life, directed the five 15-second spots and one 30-second spot illustrating issues mosts teenagers face: bullying, body image, drugs and drinking.

3. Allstate Social Savvy Burglar: Allstate’s Social Savvy Burglar campaign, developed at Leo Burnett Chicago, has won the Integration Grand Prix at the London International Awards. People love using social media to tell the world where they are. But in the wrong hands, this information could be dangerous.

4. Temptations Say Sorry: The online commercial shows cats dressed in elf costumes, Christmas sweaters and hats, clearly not impressed with their lot. The soundtrack, Elton John’s track “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word”, makes it clear something needs to be put right. The message of course comes back to the power of Temptations treats to bring cats onside again.

5. Here’s Why Taco Bell Created 600 GIFs and Photos for Its New Social Campaign: Today, the fast-food company and Deutsch L.A. are debuting a social-marketing blitz that celebrates the recent launch of the long-awaited taco emoji. The Irvine, Calif.-based brand said that it has created 600 pieces of unique content. Eventually, all of the content will then be posted to ta.co, its recently-revamped website.

6. Audi R8 Test Drives You: Audi is promoting the exhilarating thrill of driving the all-new Audi R8 with an integrated advertising campaign featuring impact the experience has on the human eye and the human heart. “The Eye”, a 60 second commercial, focuses on a pupil dilating in response to the excitement generated by the roar of the Audi R8. The tagline: ‘More focus, more drive’. An outdoor, digital and print campaign is centred on installations by French visual artist Sebastien Preschoux and Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi.

7. How Harvard Business Review increased its registered users by 20 percent: Subscription-based publishers serve two masters: They have to serve their most loyal paying customers while also courting new readers. But Harvard Business Review thinks it can do both. The magazine, a favorite among buttoned-up academics and MBAs, has redesigned in November 2014 with elements for both audiences. For registered users, there’s “My Library,” where people can save and organize their favorite articles, and “Visual Library,” a collection of the magazine’s charts and slide decks.

8. Elle uses beacon technology to drive 500,000 retail store visits: Many publishers add product links to articles to try to get readers to buy online. With a new shopping gambit, Elle magazine is driving consumers into actual physical stores. For the program, called Shop Now, Elle is making its editors’ product picks available to ShopAdvisor’s and RetailMeNot’s apps.

9. Poo Pourri Imagine Where You Can Go: Poo Pourri has launched “Imagine Where You Can Go”, a music video inspired by choreographed musicals, following on from hugely popular commercials in 2013 (Girls Don’t Poop) and 2014 (Santa Claus). Performers sing through all the uncomfortable places you can now confidently GO with Poo~Pourri, like on a date or at the office. The music video introduces a new dance move, “Do The Poo~Pourri,” inspired by the steps of going number 2. The dancers exude confidence as they own their you-know-what and are able to freely GO wherever the wind takes them.