9 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Best global digital marketing campaigns that include Extra Gum Love Story of Sarah & Juan, Harley-Davidson Is Reaching Out to Millennials, Meet Betty the chicken

ExtraGum Sarah & Juan

1. Toyota Intros Hydrogen Fuel Cell Mirai With “Back To The Future” Tie-In On Movie’s Anniversary:We may not have hoverboards or time machines (yet), but we’re fast approaching the iconic future date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown visited in the now-classic Back To The Future series 30 years ago. Toyota, helped by Droga5 and Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, is taking the opportunity to introduce its entrant into a category that many believe to be the future of transportation: a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle called the Mirai.

2. How Harley-Davidson Is Reaching Out to Millennials While Still Appealing to Boomers: Having spent decades building an iconic motorcycle brand that once symbolized youth more than any other, Harley-Davidson has spent the last decade focused on bridging the generation gap between loyal boomer customers and new millennial fans.

3. Meet Betty, the chicken running a fast food chain’s Twitter account: Chicken Treat, an Australian food chain, handed over control of its Twitter account to a fowl-mouth named Betty. Besides being a viral marketing stunt, the purpose is for Betty to obtain a Guinness World Record for the first chicken ever to tweet a five letter word before Oct. 30.

4. Gorillas need all the friends they can get: The Gorilla Organisation, a British not-for-profit focused on the preservation of gorillas across the world, has teamed up with conservationist Bill Oddie to run “Gorillas need all the friends they can get”, a series of commercials. Bill Oddie plays Sir Hilary, a conservationist in conversation with Toby the Virungan silverback gorilla as they play piano, snap, chess and read Moby Dick.

5. How Church’s Chicken is trumping Popeyes on Facebook: Church’s Chicken — which has been serving fried chicken for 63 years — surpassed Popeyes this summer to become the third-most-followed fried-chicken brand on Facebook. Despite having only 1,650 global locations compared to Popeyes’ nearly 2,400, Church’s has amassed more than 783,000 fans Facebook fans. Popeyes has 501,000.

6. Nestlé cooks up piping-hot content for its first online series: For the first time in its history, the company is launching an online baking show called “Bake my Day,” created by agency J. Walter Thompson, exclusively on YouTube. Hosted by YouTube star Ashley Adams, who also co-hosts YouTube cooking show “Feast of Fiction,” the five- to seven-minute episodes appear on a dedicated cooking channel, called “Very Best Baking.”

7. Hovis Good Inside Escape Outside: Hovis, the UK bakery, is promoting the new Good Inside bread range with “Stuck”, a TV advert featuring two boys and a girl riding their bikes to escape out-of-control buildings. Following on from the classic boy on a bike theme of previous advertising campaigns, the Hovis Good Inside commercial uses visual effects to show walls and ceilings spreading through the countryside to accentuate the sense of adventure.

8. Extra Gum Love Story of Sarah & Juan: Wrigley has picked up millions of viewers with “Sarah & Juan”, a high school romance with a heart-moving ending. The Extra Gum commercial uses Extra wrappers as the connecting point in which Sarah and Juan learn to share their lives. Small moments of sharing can lead to something far more meaningful. Music is Haley Reinhart’s cover of Elvis Presley’s 1961 hit Can’t Help Falling in Love. The campaign follows on from the viral success of the 2013 Origami commercial featuring a father and daughter.

9. How Reebok got 8,000 percent growth on social media in 18 months: This month, Reebok announced a new social campaign. The athletic-wear company asked fans to send messages of support for UFC champ Ronda Rousey to @Reebok with #MoreThanTape, that will be printed on handwraps to be given to her before her next fight. And the campaign, created by Venables Bell & Partners, has already gotten millions of impressions. The Instagram post announcing the campaign was Reebok’s top post in the past quarter, with almost 14,000 likes.