8 Major Updates From Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Foursquare

Major updates from Social Networks: Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley steps aside, Snapchat developing Financial Management Tech and more

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Insiders say what’s going on inside $11 billion Pinterest – and it’s not all good: Pinterest is a strong contender to go public in 2016, having already been valued at $11 billion after raising $1.3 billion in funding. The visual scrapbook platform should be printing money.

Photo Evidence Shows Facebook Is Building Messenger For Mac: TechCrunch has obtained photographic evidence and an eyewitness report that Facebook has built an as-yet-unreleasedFacebook Messenger For Mac desktop app.

Socialbakers Adds Facebook Listening To Its Repertoire: Socialbakers, which prides itself on deep-dive social analytics, has announced it is now offering Facebook Page listening. Last year, it similarly launched keyword searching for Twitter, and it expects to add Instagram in the near future, along with searches of news, blogs and forums.

Twitter’s new pitch to brands: Turn everyday fan tweets into ads: Twitter is developing an ad product that would put tweets from everyday users into brands’ campaigns on the platform.

Facebook Mentions is now available for Android and iOS users: Good news if you follow any celebrities or professional athletes on Facebook, and you’re an Android user. In a blog post today, Facebook announced that Facebook Mentions would now be available for Android.

Snapchat Developing Financial Management Tech, Says Report: Forget selfies. Would you turn to Snapchat for financial management? Well the app is betting on its 100-million strong userbase to do just that, according to a new report.

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley Steps Aside, and COO Jeff Glueck Is Elevated to Top Spot:Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley has stepped aside as CEO of the company, and he’s been replaced by Jeff Glueck, who has been the tech player’s COO for 18 months. Crowley will serve as executive chairman of the 7-year-old mobile app.

Parents use Facebook on mobile 1.3 times more than non-parents, study says: According to a Facebook IQ study, parents are spending 1.3 times as much time on Facebook through mobile devices than users without children. The fact is that today, mobile devices and social networks are as much a part of parenting as book bags and minivans.