8 Major Updates From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr

Social network news from the week - Facebook debuts ‘Lift API’ , Facebook test topics, Instagram changing the algorithm, and more

1. Tumblr looks to repair ad biz with blogless ads, sales team’s return: Tumblr is trying for its own revival. It has begun to pitch agencies on “blogless” sponsored posts, dropping the requirement for brands to operate a Tumblr blog in order to run sponsored posts in users’ feeds, or dashboards. And as Business Insider reported in February, it has retaken control of its ad sales.

2. Twitter is now turning on its new algorithmic timeline for everyone: Twitter’s new algorithmic timeline was heralded as the end of the service by many, but when it launched, it amounted to nothing more than the natural evolution of the prior ‘while you were away’ feature. The algorithm now appears to be enabled by default across the social network.

3. Twitter is killing TweetDeck for Windows on April 15: Twitter has announced that it will no longer support the Windows version of its TweetDeck application. The company said that this change will take effect on April 15 and says that you can still use TweetDeck, but just on the Web.

4. Instagram confirms it’s changing the feed to an algorithm: Prepare to panic: Instagram said it’s changing users’ timelines to an algorithm. In a move that shadows its sister social network Facebook, the photo-sharing app said in a blog post that it will soon do away with the chronological-based approached it’s used since 2010. Photos and videos will soon appear based on “your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.”

5. Facebook tests topics, allowing users to converse around specific themes: Facebook is working on testing a new feature that lets users converse around topics and themes of their choosing. If you’re one of the few people this test applies to, you’ll see an option to add a topic to your post as seen below (though apparently only when you edit an existing post, and not share a new post)

6. Twitter In Discussions With Top Vine Creators About Payment: BuzzFeed News has learned that executives from Vine and Twitter met with some of the platform’s top talent late last year to discuss payment solutions for content creation. The meeting was requested by the Vine-makers who expressed a desire to be compensated for their work.

7. The Daily Beast launches two Facebook live video series: The Daily Beast is the latest publisher to join the Facebook live streaming party. The IAC-owned news and entertainment site is launching two new original live series on Facebook. “Cheat Sheet,” which launches March 14 and will air every weekday at noon, will bring the site’s popular editorial series of the same name into a video format.

8. Facebook Debuts ‘Lift API’ to Give More Marketers Ability to Study Ads’ Impact: In the digital ads world, the past few months have been all about emerging measurement tools. With that in mind, Facebook today is announcing two intriguing initiatives that it is characterizing as tests.