8 Interesting Content Co-Creation Campaigns

A list of 8 Co-Creation campaigns executed by Indian brands in 2014

The nature of a medium decides the message you send across it. Social media, with its two-way transformation opened up some very creative means for communication. This meant businesses could now gain access to consumer opinion in real time, rather than resort to expensive market surveys. What this also meant was that businesses could use the same medium to shape consumer opinion in a certain way.

Brands could now amplify the brand philosophy or create buzz for a certain launch with their content. Further, brands could also create a memorable recall by co-creating content with the community. Content co-creation yields two-fold benefits for brands, shared Sindhuja Rai who is VP, Media at Cadbury India. The chocolate brand has executed many co-creation campaigns for its sub-brands.

“On social media, it is important for any brand to ensure 2 things – 1. Create value for the community and make them feel special and important for the brand, and 2. Have a two -way communication to ensure that the community is inspired and motivated to engage with the brand in a meaningful way”, Sindhuja had shared earlier in an interview with our team regarding execution of content co-creation campaigns and the challenges involved.

This year, we saw quite a few brands indulging in co-creation campaigns rather than pushing their own content; the aim was to build fond associations with their fans. Here, we have curated some of the coolest co-creation campaigns we reviewed at LI this year:

1. Cadbury Silk #FirstLoveIs

Cadbury Silk #FirstLoveIs doodle

This February, Cadbury Silk, the premium addition to Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates, had launched a limited edition pack for Valentine’s Day. For the promotions, the chocolate brand asked the community to share what ‘first love’ meant to them and surprised them back with a personalized doodle shared in real-time. It resulted into a massive 6.1 million impressions on Twitter, while trending for two days including Valentine’s day and 44 personalized doodles sent out in real time. While Silk’s Facebook page saw an increase of 76K+ fans, the Twitter handle added 1K+ followers. 23K users downloaded it on their mobiles. Read more on the campaign here.

2. Cornetto Cupidity Call Centre


Ice cream brand Cornetto had created the Cornetto Cupidity Call Centre this Valentine. One could dedicate song lyrics to their loved ones and see them being sung by professional singers, through a dedicated website and a Facebook app. The campaign had 10 singers for 3 days adhering to the requests sent in by the users; close to 3650 videos were generated within a record time of 3 days. Brand ambassadors and actors, Yami Gautam and Siddharth Malhotra were part of the campaign buzz on social. The co-created songs have now been added into YouTube playlists for people to view and enjoy. Read more on the campaign here.

3. Asian Paints Speechless mime videos


Asian Paints had launched the ‘Speechless’ TVC with brand ambassador actor Saif Ali Khan and his sister Soha Ali, in which Saif is left speechless and unable to answer his sister’s query on the new paint job at his home. The campaign was extended onto social media with the ‘The Royale Aspira Beyond Words’ Twitter contest, which invited users to share what made them go speechless. The best tweets were then converted into video mimes dedicated to the creator of that tweet and shared in real time. Around 75 mime videos were created from close to 11K tweets received in the 2-day Twitter campaign. Read more on the campaign here.

4. Cadbury Silk’s #SilkUp Personalized Video Invite


Cadbury Silk recently launched its ‘Treat for Two’ offer, where with every large bar of Cadbury Silk, one can avail two free cups of coffee at any Café Coffee Day outlet. To promote this, it launched #SilkUp where fans could tune in to a live webcast featuring celebrity protagonists - VJ Ramona, Ashwin Mushran, Kaneez Surka and Varun Thakur chatting up over Silk and free coffees, and tweet their topics of discussion in real time. Fans could also tweet a quirky reason to take a friend out for coffee and the funny four would then create a personalized video invite, in almost real-time, for the person tagged on the post. Read more on the campaign here.

5. Oreo Orange Creme #OreoBesties

Oreo BestieBond

For the new Oreo Orange Creme, the cookie brand had launched an extensive campaign on social media where it reinforced the friendship between Oreo cookie and Orange crème calling them #OreoBesties and how they blend beautifully together. Apart from fun fan engagement activites, it also launched #BestieBond. Fans shared entries talking about what made their bond with their bestie unique, while Oreo created live #OreoBesties out of them in the most visually appealing way. Read more on the campaign here.

6. Tata #SafariTrails My Day My Way song

To bond better with off-road adventure lovers and Safari aficionados across the country, SUV brand, Tata Safari invited its followers on Twitter to share their desired lyrics with images or videos of memorable Safari adventures they’ve been on, using the hashtag #SafariTrails. The videos and pictures received by fans were then combined with the lyrics to create the ‘Tata #SafariTrails My Day My Way song’. The music that entails the Safari trails TVC tune, was composed by popular artists – Vasuda Sharma, Gaurav Dagaonkar and Sidd Coutto. Read more on the campaign here.

7. Cadbury Celebrations #MeethiMemories


Lately, Cadbury Celebrations, the gifting range with an assortment of chocolates from Cadbury, launched #MeethiMemories in celebration of Raksha Bandhan. The chocolate brand invited brothers to share “Meethi Memories’ or ‘sweet memories’ with their sister for a chance to win a special customized illustration for her Rakhi gift. Fans could add the sweet memories on a Facebook app which displayed the customized illustrations and the tweets made with #MeethiMemories. Read more on the campaign here.

8. Micromax Canvas Doodle 3


For the Canvas Doodle 3 promotions, Micromax has launched a campaign to drive home the message of ‘Can doodle without limits’, starting with an animated TVC featuring a pig. The animated pig comes out of difficult situations as the doodler wishes from his imagination. Extending this on social media, fans were invited to share whacky or funny situations for the piggy based on the TVC, and the brand created doodles out of these. These doodles are now part of the brand’s Facebook album. Read more on the campaign here.

We hope you like the list. Do let us know which is your favourite one.

Feature image source: Wikimedia Commons