8 Inspiring Indian Twitter Campaigns Of 2012

A list of 8 Inspiring Indian Twitter Campaigns Of 2012 that stood out for creative usage of the platform to connect with twitteraties.


Indian brands in 2012 have majorly used Twitter as a channel to create buzz and get their hashtags trended. The objective was to get people to talk by luring them with goodies but in this trending war, there were a few Twitter campaigns that stood aside for their sheer creativeness.

We have restricted ourselves to not picking the trending Twitter campaigns as trends on Twitter change every hour of the day. In this list, we have selected 8 such Indian Twitter campaigns that went beyond trending in 2012, in no ranking order. Every campaign is a winner in its own way.

1. Superdry Tweet Fuel

UK based youth apparel brand Superdry launched their presence in India with a set of street drive events. To extend this idea online and connect with the younger demographics on Twitter, ‘Superdry Tweet Fuel’ campaign was launched where users had to express themselves through tweets, which helped bring the iconic Superdry Morgan 3 Wheeler roadster to India, by converting the tweets as fuel for the car. In this process fans unlocked different sets of prizes at different levels of tweets at the microsite. The entire campaign and the results can be read here.


2. #55SecondsToLive

“What would you do if you had 55 seconds to live?” This was the question that created all the buzz for the India launch of 55DSL from the house of Diesel. The contest rules were simple, one had to follow the brand’s Twitter handle and then tweet their replies to the question along with the hashtag. The best tweets would be selected and featured on the digital graffiti wall on the microsite. There were different sets of prizes that would be unlocked at different levels of tweets. The entire campaign and results can be read here.

3. Chill Out Surprise

In an attempt to strengthen its brand positioning ‘Take a chill pill’, Lipton Ice Tea launched a surprise chill-out campaign for 6 days on Twitter. The campaign ‘Chill Out Surprise’ originated from the idea that a stressed out bunch of people would always love a chilled out surprise gift. So the brand tracked stressed twitteraties, found their location and once it was confirmed they would rush to the twitteratie to surprise her with a customised Chill Out Hamper. The entire campaign and the results can be read here.


4. Tweet Clouds With #DilVsBill

Diwali brings in a lot of expenditure in terms of new stuff for the house, family, etc. so we often tend to base our buying decisions on  the bill. But, Citibank planned to change this with its new EMI offerings on its credit cards. People were encouraged to tweet about their Diwali shopping stories and tag them with #DilVsBill. Clouds made of helium in the shape of heart or rupee symbols were let out into the sky, based on the kind of tweets that dominated in the hashtag.  Not only this twitteraties were surprised with random goodies from time to time. Read the entire campaign here.


5. Shoot A Tweet Gun

Ever since Diesel has launched its new line of street wear called 55DSL in India, the Italian brand has been creating interesting campaigns to promote it. This one is a brand activation at a Pune mall. People strolling in the mall were invited to shoot a tweet gun in front of a moving target. The moving target was the 55DSL logo on a black board and if you could hit it, then you could win 55DSL goodies. The tweet gun  wired to the internet would trigger from your tweets, which had the brand handle and #gethit.  Read the entire campaign here.

6. Tweets For Treats

The ITC Grand Chola, celebrated its launch by offering fans the chance to experience the era of magnificence of the Chola dynasty, with a game called ‘Tweets for treats’. #TweetsforTreats, a Twitter based game was built on a microsite which had a counter that increased with every participating tweet. At every juncture there were hidden treats in the form of gourmet experiences, spa sojourns or even surprises at this luxury hotel. So the trick was to tweet as much as you could at right times since you could post upto 20 tweets a day. Click here to read the entire campaign.


7. #RainingSolly

Allen Solly, the brand that had made the concept of ‘Friday dressing’ popular recently underwent a change in brand identity. Taking this one step further, Allen Solly launched its latest Friday collection through a first-of-its-kind tweeple powered launch at Garuda Mall in Bangalore. Fans were invited to the mall to tweet using the hashtag given with a particular code. The hashtag kept changing every 15 minutes and you had to tweet the fastest as the faster ones could win an Allen Solly shirt. Read the entire campaign here.

8. #FeelingBlue

When Reliance Mobile partnered with Google for a two-year collaboration to exclusively market Android devices in India, it launched with the ‘Be Blue’ campaign to announce this partnership. Twitter was also used to create extensive buzz. The main strategy for the campaign was to capitalize upon the mundane Monday mornings and shift the feelings associated with blue from sad to happy. With this in mind, a generic hashtag #feelingblue was launched on a Monday morning that quickly caught on and began trending. It was only later in the day that Reliance revealed the association and gave surprise prizes. Read the entire campaign here.

Going further in 2013, we wish to see more of such campaigns where brands - apart from getting themselves trended - come up with ideas where they connect the online as well as the offline world via Twitter.