8 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Best global digital marketing campaigns of the week which include American Express’ social-content strategy, Vanity Fair Napkins #TakeBackTheTable, Sprite Snapchat

1. Snickers Hungry For Halloween: Snickers is connecting into the Halloween theme this year with “Hungry for Halloween”, a film featuring pumpkin carver John Neill. The film begins with the feel of a horror movie, complete with knives and what appear to be instruments of torture. All is revealed as Neill completes his work of art.

2. Thalys Sounds of the City: Thalys High-Speed Rail Travel Network in Europe has caught the ears of potential travellers to Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels with “Sounds of The City”. May 2015 in France was a bonanza for holidays – 3 out of 4 weekends were holiday weekends. Thalys wanted to activate people to book tickets to visit cities on the Thalys train network.

3. Samsung Self Portraits: Samsung promoted the Samsung NX Mini Camera with a series of famous self-portrait paintings by Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and German artist Albrecht Dürer. Each shows the painter holding a camera to get the best angle for his or her own portrait. The tag line: “For self-portraits. Not selfies”.

4. Sprite Wants Snapchat Users to Get More Friends Via Its Cans: Sprite is inviting Snapchat users in Brazil to put their Snapcodes on millions of its soda cans. Snapcodes are QR codes—two-dimensional barcodes scannable on smartphones—that are designed to help people on the mobile-social platform gain more friends.

5. Vanity Fair Napkins Urges Families To #TakeBackTheTable With Social Effort: With #TakeBackTheTable, a social campaign centered around that hashtag and a microsite at TakeBackTheTable.org, the brand seeks to encourage the resurgence of that lost phenomenon: the family dinner. Deutsch was Vanity Fair’s agency partner on the campaign.

6. Why Glenfiddich moved from press to digital: Glenfiddich’s global brand manager has revealed that the spirit brand decided to move away from its traditional route of press advertising to video to emphasise the emotion and changing attitude of whisky drinkers.

7. Inside American Express’ social-content strategy: For American Express, it’s all hearts for Instagram — and visuals in general on social platforms. The platform is the company’s fastest-growing platform, seeing 18 percent follower growth in the last quarter and double this year to 98,000 followers. And what works? Photos of credit cards — as financially sensitive as that may seem.

8. Dick’s Pitches to the Heart in Holiday Campaign: Dick’s Sporting Goods is back again this year with another emotional holiday campaign. On Sunday, the 615-unit chain will reprise its “Gifts That Matter” push with a one-minute spot featuring a coach who learns, by way of the tiniest pair of Adidas trainers, that he will soon be a grandfather.