8 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Global digital campaigns - Apple Timer for Cookie Monster, Dell Future Ready campaign, Expedia Dream Adventures campaign, Always Girl Emojis campaign and more

1. Jeff Goldblum Spare The Act: Jeff Goldblum’s Spare The Act Laptop, part of the Currys PC WorldChristmas 2015 advertising campaign, has been awarded British Arrows Commercial of the Year. Goldblum gives acting lessons in five commercials, showing people how to respond to receiving disappointing, boring and unimaginative gifts with dignity.

2. Persil and Omo Free The Kids: Childhood play is under threat. This is the stark conclusion of Unilever’s new global integrated marketing campaign for laundry products OMO and Persil. The Free The Kids campaign reveals that the majority of children spend as little time outdoors as maximum security prisoners, with one in two spending an hour or less outside per day and one in 10 never playing outdoors.

3. Expedia Builds a Gorgeous VR Room to Help Sick Kids Travel the World: Imagine a young girl stuck in a hospital for months—or years—finally getting to live out her fantasy of roaming with wild horses on an Argentine plain. One girl did, in a manner of speaking, thanks to“Dream Adventures,” a new campaign from online travel agency Expedia.

4. Canal+ Story Behind Every Story: CANAL+ is known as the number one movie channel in France and has a long tradition of backing moviemakers. The broadcaster prides itself on supporting all types of genres and is a regular sponsor of various cinema festivals over the course of the year. The idea of this print campaign, created by BETC Paris and launched in specialized cinema press, was to use the form of a script to show just how difficult it actually is to make a good film!

5. Dell Breaks Three New TV Spots Using Episodic Storytelling: Dell is breaking three new TV ads in its “Future Ready” campaign, which launched last year, and it’s using an episodic storytelling approach to show how its technology can help people and businesses.

6. OXO Tested on Humans: Household goods brand OXO has launched “OXO Tested on Humans”, an integrated advertising campaign promoting a 9-Cup Coffee Maker, Conical Burr Grinder With Integrated Scale, GreenSaver Produce Keeper Illuminating Digital Hand Mixer, POP Container, Salad Spinner, Swivel Peeler, Angled Measuring Cup.

7. Apple Timer for Cookie Monster: Apple is promoting the hands-free Siri facility on the iPhone 6S with a commercial featuring Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster. The Muppet asks Siri to set a timer for 14 minutes while his cookies bake in the oven, and then calls up Jim Croce’s 1972 hit on his “Waiting” playlist. Cookie Monster struggles with delayed gratification by switching the oven light on and off, tasting flour, reading recipes, demolishing a wooden spoon and making puppets out of the oven mitts.

8. Always Girl Emojis: Procter & Gamble brand Always is continuing the #LikeAGirl campaign with Always Girl Emojis, a project encouraging the development of more emojis featuring women. Research run by P&G revealed that while girls are likely to regularly use emojis on their phones, there are few emojis that truly represent girls beyond the stereotypes associated with femininity.