8 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read About

8 best global digital marketing campaigns that include Nike's #BetterForIt, #DogsInCars, The Traceable Coat Hanger, Hefty Party Hard Moms, #KucingHappy

1. Nike is launching its biggest ever women’s push: Nike sees women as a hugely important part of its customer base. The company believes its women’s line could add $2 billion of additional sales by 2017. And to make sure that happens, Nike has just invested in its biggest ever advertising push targeting women.

Alongside the TV ads, Nike is also encouraging women to share their experiences on social media, using the #BetterForIt hashtag, and it has launched a “90-day better for it challenge” which combines workouts from the Nike+ Training Club App and the Nike+ Running app.

2. UNICEF Turns to Snapchat to Advocate Awareness of Missing Childhoods in Nigeria: The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has taken to ephemeral app Snapchat in order to raise awareness among Millennials about the Boko Haram conflict in Africa. UNICEF chose Snapchat both to reach a younger audience and to highlight the violence’s impact on children. The platform’s ephemeral messages are meant to represent the disappearing childhoods.

Snapchat influencers have been recreating drawings by children who fled Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, and Chad. The pictures focus on what the kids miss most from home - for example, family, in the case of Rita, a 14-year-old Nigerian girl currently residing in a Chad refugee camp.

3. TrueCar To Donate $1 For Every Instagram Photo Tagged #DogsInCars: Extending its #DogsInCars campaign, which features, well, dogs in cars, TrueCar, working with “change agency” Tiny Rebellion, has launched an Instagram-based fund raising campaign.

Beginning Monday, April 13, the car buying information and pricing site will donate $1 (up to $50,000) to the Best Friends Animal Society for every Instagram photo tagged #DogsInCars. The money will go towards what TrueCar refers to as “Joy Rides,” offering rides to dogs headed to their forever homes.

4. Pedigree Found Dogs Online: The fear of losing your dog is universal to all dog owners, but smartphones may now hold the key to finding lost dogs – by outrunning them with digital ads. PEDIGREE®, with the help of Google, want to make lost dogs a thing of the past with their new New Zealand-developed project – ‘Found’.

If a dog goes missing, every second counts. PEDIGREE® have created an app that allows dog owners to pre-register their dog. If a dog is lost, the owner can use the app to send out a real time, geo-targeted message to people in the vicinity.

5. The Traceable Coat Hanger: Nukuhiva, a store concept by Dutch media personality Floortje Dessing, specialises in fashion labels that produce their clothes with respect for mankind and nature. The store is now challenging fashion influencers to discover where their clothes came from with ‘The Traceable Coat Hanger’.

Nukuhiva is partnering with Stadhshout Amsterdam to engrave coordinates of the wood’s origin, including the location of the tree, the species, and when it fell down, or was cut down. Purchasers can enter the coordinates on a dedicated Nukuhiva website.

6. Cray Party Moms Get Turnt In Hefty Video That Is So Totally On Fleek: Working with Havas Worldwide Chicago, Hefty is promoting their new crack-resistant red cups with a video series entitled Party Hard Moms. The videos feature otherwise wholesome-looking, care-giving moms folding laundry, unpacking groceries or reading a book. But while they’re doing it, they recount their exploits of the night before — using very colorful language.

Perhaps the message is that the new cups are strong enough to hold up to any amount of hard partying and even satisfy those who clean up after it’s all said and done?

7. Ikea launches Google Hangout-like weddings service: Ikea has created a new service called ‘Wedding Online’ enabling couples to conduct fully-digitally ceremonies where they can be accompanied with web-cam owning individuals all across the world.

The Swedish retailer enables couples to invite guests to a virtual wedding room, which locates their faces on a page that is fully customisable by the couple. Settings include a farm, rooftop, beach or white hall. Social media users can be invited to join the live-streamed event via Facebook where their faces will be transplanted onto the page for all to see.

8. Fishermen Integrated catches the hearts of Malaysians with #KucingHappy: In an effort to make their 40th anniversary celebration a meowing success, and to reach a whole new banking audience, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) engaged social media content creators Fishermen Integrated (Fishermen) to develop a completely socially-driven campaign, JomHappy.

Central to the campaign is #KucingHappy, a cat character “hired” by BSN to spread happiness on social media by responding to happy requests from fans.