8 Cool Indian Twitter Campaigns Of Quarter 2 2013

by Vinaya Naidu on July 8, 2022

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Twitter is being leveraged in many interesting and innovative ways. In this year, we witnessed the micro-blogging platform being employed not only for creating buzz, but also being integrated to bring in live interactivity with television viewers. Since 2013, Twitter has been increasingly used for product and movie launches, but through creative hashtag campaigns as opposed to the ones that spread only spam.

Adding to the list of good campaigns of quarter 1, here is a random compilation of 8 Indian Twitter campaigns for the second quarter of 2013, that have been innovative in their use of Twitter and managed to create a buzz while being aligned with their objective.

1. Myntra.com - #DialforStyle

Myntra.com, the ecommerce platform for fashion and lifestyle products blended telecommunications and style for a fun engagement on Twitter, on the occasion of World Telecommunications Day on the 17th of May. The contest powered with the hashtag #DialforStyle needed users to answer 10 questions related to fashion, where the clues provided in numbers could be decoded only on an alpha-numeric keypad. Read more about the campaign here.

2. Pepsi India  - #PepsiIPLLiveArt

Pepsi India, the title sponsors of IPL 6, had launched a fun campaign during the concluding matches of the IPL. Audiences watching the match could also participate in the #PepsiIPLLiveArt initiative where the funniest and wittiest tweets were transformed into live sketches. The winning tweets won the posters as well as had these displayed on Sony MAX during the match. Read more about the campaign here.

3. Tata Tea Jaago Re - Tweet4Change

Tata Tea has been fighting various issues plaguing the country with its flagship campaign ‘Jaago Re’. In its endeavour to empower women, the Jaago Re initiative has launched a Twitter campaign in partnership with six NGOs that are committed to social causes in support of women. Twitter users were asked to tweet in support of any of these NGOs listed on a microsite, using the hashtag #Tweet4Change. For every tweet, Tata Tea Jaago Re would donate Rs.100 to the specific NGO. Read more about the campaign here.

4. Adidas India - #TweetATee

With the aim to create buzz about the newly launched Adidas Originals Store in Chennai and also drive more walk-ins to the store, Adidas India launched a Twitter contest, where users needed to tweet with  #TweetATee  and visit the store between 5 to 5:15 pm to avail a free Adidas tee. With a 100 free tees and a microsite to support, the campaign did manage to create some buzz. Read more about the campaign here.


5. Operation Smile India - #CleftToSmile

Operation Smile India, a charity that provides free cleft treatment, launched a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #CleftToSmile with the aim to raise awareness on cleft and to reach out to the decision makers in the government. The one-month campaign asked users to tweet with #CleftToSmile using a simple logo :{to:)that could be created by anyone.  Read more about the campaign here.

6. Samsung Galaxy S4 - #GalaxyS4Riddle

To promote the newly released Galaxy S4, Samsung Mobile India launched a contest inviting users to decode anagrams (words or phrases with rearranged letters) on Twitter.  The contest powered by the hashtag #GalaxyS4Riddle tweeted 9 anagrams that, interestingly, were the features of the new model. The grand prize chosen from a lucky draw with all the rightly decoded anagrams was the Galaxy S4. Read more about the campaign here.

7. Pepsi India - #Tweet20

The title sponsors of IPL 6, Pepsi India had run a Twitter campaign called ‘Pepsi Tweet20’ to engage the cricket enthusiasts on social media. Initially launched during the ICC Twenty20 last year, Pepsi Tweet 20 is a Twitter app that enabled fans to play shots online through Twitter, and win an exclusive chance to watch the game from the Pepsi VIP Box. Read more about the campaign here.

8. JWT - #whatithinkaboutadvertising

For Portfolio Night Mumbai, JWT ran a crowdsourcing campaign on Twitter around ‘An eye opener’- its theme for this year. Advertising students were asked to tweet their thoughts on advertising using the hashtag #whatithinkaboutadvertising and the most creative of them were converted into posters or films. Read more about the campaign here.

We hope you like this list of Twitter campaigns for the second quarter, and would love to know your favorites and/or campaign suggestions to be added onto the list.

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