After The Leaked Video Buzz #WhatsUPIrrfan, 7UP Launches Its New TVC Starring Irrfan Khan

How 7UP launched its new TVC starring actors Irrfan Khan and Raveena Tandon by creating a Twitter suspense over Irrfan's leaked dancing video from a college festival



Indian summers never fail to bring soft drinks into the limelight. Food and beverages giant, Pepsico has launched its ad campaign for 7Up in which it revisits its 2014 brand philosophy of ‘I Feel UP’ starring Bollywood actors Irrfan Khan and Raveena Tandon. Apart from taking the ‘I Feel UP’ philosophy to the next level of UPtimism, 7Up’s campaign had also taken a suspense-filled route for the TVC launch on social media.

Cashing in on the curiosity for celebrity leaked videos, the beverage brand released the TVC only after creating an intrigue around what’s been cooking between the lead pair - Irrfan Khan and Raveena Tandon, when the latter started a controversy by her tweet to Irrfan, “Can’t believe YOU could do this Irrfan Khan” and later mentioning something about a leaked video. Naturally, users and online news sites that fish on social media streams for their daily gossip, got hooked.

The ‘leaked video’ also plays a significant role in the TVC.

When Irrfan Khan enters his home, he is surprised to see his wife (Raveena Tandon) and kids watching an old video clip of him dancing at a college festival. While the son says they discovered the video which is already ‘trending’, Irrfan is even more upset. The son offers him a glass of 7Up, which ‘ups’ Irrfan’s mood and gets him moonwalking in a jiffy and matching the steps of his college days.

The minute-long TVC uploaded on 7UP’s YouTube channel has received nearly 22K views in these 10 days, despite the curiosity generated for 2 days on Twitter. Raveena starts the fire by tweeting to her 595K+ followers, Irrfan with 252K+followers picks up the baton and tweets back to Raveena to not tell the whole world. After being pounded by fans and media speculations, Raveena says something about a leaked video, and a hashtag #WhatsUPIrrfan.

Miss Malini, one of India’s leading blog for Bollywood, Fashion and Lifestyle also joins in to add to the mystery. Finally, on April 9, Irrfan and Raveena tweet about the new video shoot for 7UP’s TVC, thereby revealing the story behind #WhatsUPIrrfan.

While dance makes you happy, no matter how young or old you are, the brand has been using ‘dance’ as a form of UPing oneself and getting UPtimistic about life. 7UP has also been urging its consumers to get on their dancing shoes this IPL 2014, Pepsi, the official sponsors of the formula cricket game has launched the 7UP Danceup contest, where winners can get a chance to dance at the IPL stage in addition to cash prizes.

Creative launch led by social curiosity

#WhatsUPIrrfan makes a mark not only for its creative use of social media platforms to build a mystery around the new brand ambassadors and the TVC, but also for sticking to its theme of being UPtimistic. In fact, it also highlights the ‘up’ moments one can have with family, when every other brand is targeting mostly the youth.

But the leaked video concept isn’t a novel one. When Philips Lighting wanted to launch actor and brand ambassador Ranbir Kapoor in its new ad, the lighting company leaked a series of videos where Ranbir danced to Big B’s iconic ‘Saara zamana… haseeno ka deewana’ song from the movie Yarana. Ranbir was also dressed up like Amitabh in a suit adorned with LED lights. When the leaked video got viral, the brand launched its new TVC with the tagline ‘See what light can do’.

‘Leaked’ videos might soon lose their flavour with more of such similar campaigns, until then a few brands will still prefer to launch their TVCs this way.