#7DaysForMom, Make It Special For Her This Mother’s Day, Courtesy Miss Malini & Google Plus

#7DaysForMom is a week-long initiative by Miss Malini and Google Plus where users have been encouraged to post wishes for their moms and Miss Malini will make it come true


Being a mother is a full-time job with hardly any weekends off or vacations or sick leaves, let alone a salary and perks. Yet mothers choose this job willingly and work at it relentlessly every day throughout their lives. Mothers are so special that dedicating just one Sunday in the month of May to them is not enough.

Yet, that is all we can do and so this Mother’s Day is being made a special one for many mothers in India by ‘#7DaysForMom’, an week-long initiative by Miss Malini, an online platform dedicated to bringing you the latest in the world of Bollywood, Fashion and Lifestyle.

All you have to do is post a wish for your mother on Google Plus, or share an idea about how you would like to surprise your mother on Mother’s Day. All wishes need to be hashtagged with ‘#7DaysForMom’. You can also add a picture of you and your mother. Throughout the week beginning on Monday, the 5th of May, a total of 7 mothers will be surprised every day. The initiative has brought together the best brands in the country, who along with Miss Malini and Google Plus want mothers to feel special this week.

For #7DaysForMom, Miss Malini has also been conducting Google Plus Hangouts with celeb mothers like Susanne Roshan, Tara Sharma Saluja and Raveena Tandon.

To add to this, with #7DaysForMom, one can also make other hardworking moms feel special. Send a good wish to a rural mom and Milaap will send Rs. 1000 to her on your behalf. Milaap is a social venture that uses crowdfunding to help small businesses, students, deserving families to change their lives for better. The site features stories of mothers who want to work and add to their family income. You can select any mother, add your wish and then share it with your social networks.

#7DaysForMom is a cool partnership amongst Google India, portals, brands, social enterprises and NGOs working for women. Hosting the initiative on Google Plus using a simple hashtag, has not only helped create visibility for everyone involved, but also encouraged the use of Google Plus and Hangouts.

Image credit: Miss Malini