7 Trends That Ruled Social Media During The #IndVsPak Match

India won the first ICC world cup match against Pakistan, keeping its winning streak alive. The match also saw seven major trends dominating social media

Star Sports IndVsPak match

Our Men in Blue - the Indian cricket team displayed an all round performance yesterday in Adelaide, Australia to keep the record intact against Pakistan. India won its first ICC Cricket World Cup match by 76 runs - a historic win since Pakistan has lost for the sixth time to India in a world cup match.

Yesterday being a Sunday was the perfect occasions for fans to enjoy the game live on the ground, on the TV and on social media. Fans from both countries India and Pakistan have been dominating the social media space for the last few days. It was Star Sports India’s cheeky ad which added some more fuel to the ongoing rivalry.

On the game day while we saw some superb knocks from Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Suresh Raina posting a decent score of 300 on a flat batting track, social media (to be read as Twitter) saw some very interesting trends dominating the space.

While the team showed similar grit when it came to field by its bowling and fielding, here are the seven major trends that ruled social media during the #IndVsPak match.

1. INDVsPak still trending

According to ICC, within 12 mins the Adelaide stadium was sold out for the big match on Sunday. One could hardly see any other flag than India and Pakistan in the stadium. The domination of the fans was reflected on social media too, but IndVsPak ruled both on Facebook and Twitter. The trend got more powerful with Pakistani players giving it up to the amazing bowling and fielding by Indians. In fact the trend is still dominating social media and looks like it will hold its ground today also.

2. Amitabh Bachchan the lucky charm

Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan made his debut as a commentator during yesterday’s game. Not only did he add the much needed spark to the Hindi commentary box, he also proved to be lucky for the Indian team according to his fans.

The legendary actor started off his on-air stint with former India captain Kapil Dev and ex-Pakistan speedster Shoaib Akhtar in the pre-match show. Bachchan, 72, then eased into the commentary box with the likes of Akash Chopra, Rahul Dravid, and Arun Lal.

Sitting in the Hindi box for the first half-hour of the match, Bachchan not only picked up the ropes of commentary pretty quickly but also answered questions from one of his great admirers, cricketer Rahul Dravid.

Meanwhile Twitter fans have already proclaimed him as India’s lucky charm; tweets below tell you why:

3. Dettol - the silly ad

An India-Pakistan match is equal to the Super Bowl - the annual championship game of the National Football League. While we have seen how marketers prepare for the Super Bowl and come out with the best creative ads to gain maximum eyeballs during the game, Indian marketers have just done the opposite.

If you watched though, the Ranbir Kapoor Lays ad was tasteless, but Dettol went one step ahead with its mindless jingle and got itself trended for all the wrong reasons. The senseless jingle of “Dettol , Dettol ” and the timing of the ad during the final moments of the game was enough to kill it on Twitter.

The brand manager and creative guy might be proud that at least they have got people talking about the silly ad during such a high-powered game, here is what Twitter has to say to the Dettol ad.

5. Star Sports India

A week ago Star Sports India had launched the India vs. Pakistan TVC that sparked the much required excitement to its ongoing campaign #WontGiveItBack. Taking inspiration from the fact that India holds the bragging rights of having defeated Pakistan in all world cup games, the one minute long TVC expresses the frustration of a Pakistani fan who is waiting to celebrate one win by bursting crackers.

Thanks to the Indian team’s performance, Star Sports also came out as a winner and made sure it leveraged from yesterday’s win. Taking a jibe over Pakistan’s loss over India, the Facebook update from the brand has made it viral, the same was also posted on Twitter too.

This post from Star Sports India was enough for Twitter to get going on it.

6. Man of the player

Ex-Pakistani cricketer and Star Sports commentator Rameez Raja never disappoints, he awarded Man of the Player to Virat Kohli instead of Man of the Match.

Twitter spares no one, the fumble from Rameez at the prize distribution ceremony gave enough reasons for Indian fans to rub more on the wounds of Pakistani fans. Rameez got trended for the wrong reason, looks like he couldn’t take the sixth consecutive crashing defeat of Pakistan against India.

7. Rega Jha

You must be wondering why is the BuzzFeed India editor trending on Twitter on a India-Pakistan game day. The answer lies in the below tweet which balances on freedom of expression and the unconditional responsibility Twitter influencers should have.

The tweet really got some Indians offended, bringing her really nasty replies along with some hilarious ones too. Hopefully BuzzFeed isn’t planning a listicle article on the same!

An India-Pakistan match can never be short of drama, and social media made the drama a lot more spicier. Nevertheless, the scorecard stands 6-0 now #IndVsPak.