7 Most Viewed Indian Social Media Stories Of The Week (19th August - 24th August 2013)

Listing the seven most viewed articles of the week (19th-25th August, 2013) from the Indian social media space.

Listing the seven most viewed articles of the week (19th-24th August, 2013) from the Indian social media space.

1. Cadbury Celebrations Nails It This RakshaBandhan With #SongsForSisters: Review of Cadbury Celebrations RakshaBandhan campaign on social media ‘SongsForSisters’ where brothers can send in messages for their  sisters and see it converted into a song. Read more here.

2. Twitter Reacts Strongly Against The Killing Of Anti-Superstition Activist Narendra Dabholkar: Anti-superstition activist Narendra Dabholkar, who was pushing for a law against superstition and black magic, was shot dead this morning in Pune in Maharashtra. Read more here.


3. An Infuriated Amitabh Bachchan Tweets Against Fake Video Where He Is Promoting Modi As PM: Amitabh Bachchan complains on Twitter about a fake video featuring him endorsing Gujarat CM Narendra Modi as the next PM of India; fake video is removed after support grows on Twitter. Read more here.

4. ComScore India Digital 2013 Report: 73.9M Web Users, Facebook Leads, Tumblr & Pinterest Fastest Growing Social Networks: The ComScore 2013 India Digital report states that India with 73.9 million internet users is the world’s third largest Internet population, overtaking Japan but behind China and the US. Read more here.

5. Cadbury Bournville Creates Not So Sweet Videos Out Of Fans’ Tweets Through Tape A Tweet: Review of Cadbury Bournville’s ‘Not so sweet’ campaign, where Twitter users could share the obnoxiously sweet things around them and see it converted into a video by leading stand-up comics. Read more here.

6. Only Vimal Creates ‘No Tie Day’, Calls For Boycotting Ties, Invites For Tie-Burning Parties In Your City: Review of Only Vimal’s ‘No Tie Day’ social media campaign, where the textile brand is urging the nation to boycott ties and formal wear, along with tie-burning parties in 9 cities too. Read more here.

7. Dial To Follow Shah Rukh Khan On Twitter From Any Phone, Any Network: Effective from Tuesday, any mobile user in India can follow the actor’s Twitter account @iamsrk by simply dialing, or giving a missed call, at +919015500555. Read more here.