7 major updates from Facebook, Yahoo, & Snapchat

Major social network news from last week - Pizza Hut is betting on chat commerce with bots, Snapchat talks with Hollywood, Facebook Is Launching New App-Install Ads, and more

Mayer confirms Yahoo’s selling Tumblr ads through Facebook’s ad net: Tumblr is in a bad way. Three years after Yahoo bought the company in a $1.1 billion deal, the social network ishaving such a hard time getting brands to buy its ads that it’s started to lean on its parent company’s traditional banner ads and one of its would-be rivals’ ad networks to help it make money.

Use of emojis in marketing campaigns soars 557 percent in 12 months: Appboy recently conducted a survey examining “the rise and rise of emoji marketing,” and found that the number of active campaigns containing emojis has increased by 557 percent in the last 12 months, and 114 percent year to date. This, the company says, translates to more than 700 million emoji messages being sent last month, versus 145 million 12 months ago and 400 million in January.

Facebook Is Launching New App-Install Ads to Help Developers Find Audiences: The product,App Event Optimization, will allow advertisers to select from among 14 user actions that might signal how likely a person is to play a game, book a flight or buy a pair of shoes. Signifying app events include actions like adding an item to an online shopping cart or wish list, initiating a checkout, purchasing a product, rating an app, searching for an app or viewing content.

BuzzFeed’s newest political reporter is a bot: On Sunday, BuzzFeed launched BuzzBot, an automated chatbot for Facebook’s Messenger app. The bot, developed by BuzzFeed’s Open Lab(an R&D skunkworks based in San Francisco), is capable of having a limited back-and-forth with users to gather news about the convention throughout the week.

Snapchat talks with Hollywood about bringing shows to the platform: Snapchat is in talks with top TV networks and studios to host shows on Discover, according to sources. Snapchat also is working with the NFL on a Discover channel, and talking to other leagues, sources familiar with those talks confirmed. Mashable reported earlier this week on the NFL talks.

Facebook now lets broadcasters restrict their Live audiences by age, location, gender: On Thursday, Facebook quietly added a new option for some broadcasters to restrict who can tune into a Live broadcast, which the company announced in a blog post published on its developer site.

‘Messaging is taking off’: Why Pizza Hut is betting on chat commerce: Now, Pizza Hut is building a social ordering platform that starts with chatbots in Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Messages. The new chatbots, which will be available in the U.S. this August, can help consumers order quickly or receive brand information in a timely manner.