7 Interesting Facebook Campaigns On Mother’s Day

7 interesting Facebook campaigns run by Indian brands to celebrated Mother's Day for their fans.

God can’t be everywhere so he gave us mothers. Today is Mother’s Day and as usual my Facebook timeline is jam-packed with interesting thoughts, friends sharing beautiful images of their mother and some messages by brands. These occasions are the right time for brands to soar up fan engagement on social media. Along with Facebook being a good medium to attract fans, Twitter has become the trusted network too.

So I tracked the Facebook pages of brands and have come up with a quick list of seven campaigns that are running on Facebook. However, I have not considered the pages that have only updated their cover photos or have posted a simple content wishing mothers. Here goes the coolest list of 7 Mother’s Day campaigns on Facebook, in no ranking order:

1. Mother’s Day Tribute by Pampers India: At a time when most of the brands have been posting visuals, Pampers India has come up with an interesting app. The Facebook page that is a home for 72K fans has created a Facebook app – Mothers Day Tribute that creates a visual e-card and wishes mommy. The best wishes stand a chance to gift hampers from Pampers India. The app provides templates and the option to pull up images to make the card beautiful. The app has no glitches and stays away from auto posting on the timeline.

Pampers India Facebook

2. Mothers Day Video by Mother Dairy: Mother Dairy, a brand that has been delivering healthy milk and bringing happiness to the family has shared a lovely video. The Facebook page that has more than 160K fans, has shared the video that shows how simple things can make a mother happy. The video which was uploaded yesterday, has got 300 views on YouTube and on Facebook it has got some popularity too with 24 shares. The simplicity of the video and the message scores for me.

3. Mother of the Year by KitchenAid India: Mothers all over the world are known for their food and KitchenAid India has caught the same emotion. The Facebook page that has more than 3K fans has created a Facebook app – Mother of the Year. So you have to simply nominate your mothers best recipe and the brand will not only make her “KithchenAid Mother Of  The Year” but will send some amazing prizes too.

KitchenAid India

The app takes your details and your mothers details too. You need to list your mother’s favourite dish and the recipe too. The app also features all the entries. A great way to learn some amazing new dishes if cooking is your hobby. The app is simple and has a clean design which has got some great response from fans. One of my favourite campaigns for the simple idea and smooth execution.

4. Maa Tujhe Salaam by Max Life Insurance: Max Life Insurance, which has more than 322K fans thought of saluting the mothers for their unconditional and selfless love. The Facebook app which is exclusive for the fans will require you to like the page before you can participate in the initiative.


The app allows you to either upload your mother’s picture from your computer or Facebook album. The app has also provided options to edit the image such as increasing brightness, contrast and adding effects too. Once you are satisfied with the snap then you can submit for the contest with the required details and you can make it your cover picture too. 100 lucky winners stand a chance to win the submitted image as photo framed, courtesy Max Life Insurance. Isn’t that cool! A simple campaign, app does the job, executed well  and the prizes are really cool.

5. Mothers Day by Iris Home Fragrance: Iris Home Fragrance, which has more than 37K fans on their Facebook page is celebrating mothers day. The brand has created a Facebook app - Mothers Day which allows you to create a lovely personalized card for your mother. The contest is exclusive for its fans and one would need to like the page to participate in the contest. The brand has also decided to give gift hampers to the best personalized message.


The app is perfect and it provides a set of 4 beautiful templates that you can select to share your message for your mom. But after you submit, the app had no option to share on Facebook. Nevertheless the app has a gallery option that allows you to see the lovely messages shared by fans.

6. Thank You Mom India by P&G India: P&G which touches billions of hearts has joined in the celebrations on the eve of Mother’s Day. The Facebook page - Thank You Mom India which has more than 1.6M fans has built a simple app - My Mom and Me. The brand has dedicated the entire month as mother’s month and is asking fans to submit interesting snaps of them with their mothers. The brand promises to share the submitted pictures on its page with the community. Simple way to engage with fans.


7. Johnson’s Baby India: The brand that is known to provide the best care to moms and their children, has approached the special day in a different way. The brand is not running any Facebook contest on its page but has shared a video on this occasion. The video describes the emotion of motherhood and how love spreads from one mother to another via a real life story. The video that has been uploaded a day before, has got 78 views on YouTube and is being appreciated by on Facebook fans too.

Maa Tujhe Salaam is one of my favourite for its concept and the way it is rewarding its fans. Do share your favourite campaigns too, and also as this isn’t a comprehensive list, do share any amazing campaigns that I might have missed out on this Mother’s Day.

And, Happy Mother’s Day!