7 Indian Social Media Trends To Be Adopted By The End Of 2012 [Experts Speak]

Indian social media experts share 7 Indian Social Media Trends to be adopted by the end of 2012

2012 has a little more than three months still left in its pocket and that’s enough to make anything happen in this rapidly evolving market. We recently spoke with Palin Ningthoujam about the trends he foresees before the year end in the Indian social media space. He happily shared all his thoughts as a guest post with us.

At the same time, we posed this thought to seven very interesting Indian social media marketers who are breathing this space day and night and we are delighted to share some of the very interesting trends that one might see before 2013.

1. Social Commerce to be a trendsetter

robin abraham

I feel social commerce is going to be a trendsetter by the end of the year. With e-commerce being a mandate for most brands, it has also become important that conversations are both monetized and made easier to monetize. With technologies like Chirpify in the picture, social commerce is now bound to pick up.

- Robin Abraham, Co-Founder at Drizzlin

2.  Smarter influencer management 

Samit MalkaniSmarter influencer management is a trend that I see shaping up before the end of 2012. Every brand right now is piggybacking onto influencers to help spread brand messages across social media and the blogosphere. Not every brand is doing this well. Neither are influencers happy to work with every brand - it makes them seem like sellouts, brand pimps. I reckon agencies will have to find smarter ways to work with influencers in the year to come.

- Samit Malkani, Creative Head at Jack In The Box Worldwide

3. Mainstreaming of brand integration in social media gaming

Narayan DevanathanSIMS and FarmVille have been doing it for a while. But life for brands will evolve beyond Zynga, as more entrepreneurial brands and games will seek each other out, find some fits clumsily to begin with, and then evolve to seamlessly create a gaming experience that will also be a nonintrusive brand experience. And I mean this specifically in the Indian context, thanks to the growth and adoption of social gaming-enabled affordable smartphones, tablets and faster Internet access.

- Narayan Devanathan, National Planning Head at Dentsu Marcom

4. Instagram campaigns

chintan voraWith the growth of Social Media, photo sharing reached a new high. Many Social & Mobile app companies flourished in this period but the company that made the most was ‘Instagram’. After opening the app to Android users earlier this year, Instagram now boasts over 50 million users. If there are 50 million users on a platform, then brands ought to be present too. BUT, being on Instagram is the first step, running a spreadable Instagram brand campaign is a whole different story. Instagram campaigns which have been already adopted by international Brands will soon make an impact in Indian Social media Space.

- Chintan Vora, Co-Founder at Digital Latte

5. Hello Moto

parag gandhiIf websites are customized to special content for various screens sizes and mobile devices, then why can’t the same be implemented for social media content.

Envisage social media content designed especially for mobile devices. Be it short films to short stories, financial reports to CSR virals, TVCs to jingles, along with free goodies, it’s all customized for your mobile device, enhancing your social media experience.

- Parag Gandhi, Founder, Flying Cursor Interactive

6.  Good content will overpower everything

pratik guptaBy this year end, good content will overpower everything else, infact it would be more powerful than media buying. We have already seen that agencies and brands are working together to build interesting content which could become viral. However, it also means that this will involve lot of research, hard work and money but then good content would be clear differentiator and let the brand stand out in the Indian social media space.

- Pratik Gupta, Executive Director at FoxyMoron

7. Rise of digital video content hugely

rohit rajThe days of the reality shows are dead and soon the audiences which already rely on torrents of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, would love to see some good Indian web based shows that plays across all screens that these youngsters live in. Fun content that engages audiences through and through with subtle brand integration will be a sure shot hit.

- Rohit Raj, Right Brain at The Glitch