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by Prasant Naidu on April 29, 2022

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Social Media is creating havoc for the Indian government as well as governments elsewhere. But it also surprises me why we still choose to ignore the power of Social Media. However, the plan to control the content on social media is really not scalable and I’ve blogged about it here. Besides news, we enjoyed reviewing some great campaigns viz. Once Upon A Vespa, Pears First Masoom Moments but then we had some bloopers too like the Dettol India Facebook contest. Hopefully next week we have some really challenging news and insights to be shared with you.

Now coming to this weeks curated list of articles and blog posts shared below, hope these bring value to your online consumption of stories.

1. Social Commerce: A topic that personally interested me for a while and must say Rohit Kuttappan has done a great job. A must read post which starts from the 90’s dotcom crash to the present day challenges. I see a gradual shift of Indian E-commerce to Social Commerce but would take some time.

2. Hashtag Wars: Is a very hard hitting post from Samit Malkani at Social Samosa and shares a trend that is fast catching up. Of late I have seen people sharing tweets from others on Facebook and vice versa, claiming to be their’s. Is that fair? Similarly, Samit shares a story how brands are stealing hashtags. Agencies doing this are to be blamed but I am sure we are going to have more of these.

3. Facebook Fans: Myths & Facts: A debatable point and Jaydip Parikh tells a great story in this post not only with gyaan but also great facts on why you shouldn’t go for buying fans. I have always believed organic growth is the right way but at the same time you need sizeable fans to engage. I would love to know your thoughts on this debate.

4. 30 Things to Tweet About Your Brand: Is a great post from Sorav Jain that was featured in SocialMediaToday.com. The article focuses on the small things that a brand can take care of and create magic within 140 characters. I believe you can, do you?

5. Are You A Follower or A Thought Leader: A tempting title and same holds true for Carlton D’Silva’s latest blog post. Carlton says that most of the times fear of failure makes us a Follower rather than being a Thought leader and the same applies in the field of social media campaign. We have seen this while reviewing social media campaigns at our end. While there may be a few who try new ideas that might not be great but they tried something new and informed the world. Do you think like this or you tend to play a safe game being a follower. In the end,  Carlton shares an innovative idea executed by SapientNitro Digital Media. Some food for thought!

6. 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Outsource Blog Articles: Sandeep Singh touches upon an often discussed point in this post at Hellbound Bloggers. A must read for all those people who think blogging is such a pain and can someone do it for me. Maybe you can pay but will you have complete control over what goes online. Isn’t it high time we give some thought to it?

7. Gagged And Bound: Why India’s ‘Free Internet’ is a big flat lie:  Danish Raza writes about a very critical issue at Firstpost.com as suggested in the title. I would be really glad if you read this informative article. We will need laws to fight; you can’t simply pull down viewpoints just because you have the power. Aren’t we a democratic country?

Enjoy your weekend reading!

Do share your thoughts on what you have liked reading.

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