How Indian Brands Are Leveraging #WT20 On Facebook

A review of 7 Indian Facebook campaigns that are driving engagement during the ongoing T20 world cup in Srilanka


A review of 7 Indian Facebook campaigns that are driving engagement during the ongoing T20 world cup in Srilanka.

A Twenty20 cricket world cup in the sub-continent means two things - 1) exciting time for fans and 2) boom time for marketers. We had recently discussed in one of our guest article from Milan about how cricket is becoming social. So it was a given that brands would be investing on social media too.

Facebook, being the larger network in the country, is witnessing a plethora of ongoing campaigns. These campaigns are not only interesting - barring a few - but providing lucrative incentives too. After having reviewed the Vicks India ‘Cheer for Champions‘ campaign, we bring you a list of 7 Facebook campaigns that have been designed keeping in mind the ongoing T20 world cup in Srilanka.

1. Airtel Cricket – World’s Biggest Cricket Fan

Airtel has been a big investor on social media and we have earlier seen this with Airtel Football. So the ongoing T20 world cup is an excellent event to create a recipe of success among its 575K fans on Airtel Cricket. The brand is running a Facebook contest in a quest to find out world’s biggest cricket fan, on a comprehensive app. To motivate fans, the brand has weekly prizes and a grand prize of a smartphone to be won.


The app is a flawless one and does resemble the previous ones for its Facebook football community and F1 community in the past. So if you are a person who thinks about cricket 24*7 then prove it by uploading pictures that show your madness. Get your friends to vote for you and the maximum votes takes home the prize. The app is a dashboard where along with participation, you have the option to see the entries, leader board and the proud winners along with their submission.

Along with the app, the page managers have made sure that the content is as good as the app. However, the contest lacks on the creativity bit. The idea of finding passionate cricket fans is a tried and tested one which can never go wrong. Nevertheless, the response has not been bad and if you are mad about cricket then go and prove your passion for the game and you could stand a chance to win a smartphone.

2. LG India: LG Future Reporter

LG India is another brand that has been quite active on social media and has taken further the betting of cricket matches in a fun way. LG Future Reporter is the Facebook campaign that the brand is driving, where as a user you will have to predict the outcome of the game. Once you predict the outcome, you can publish it and the results are shown as an article in the form of a newspaper – LG Future Sports.

LG India facebook

Although the concept is simple, the app and the execution is quite impressive. The app is well made, however it only works if I provide access to all the requests made by it. However, the presentation and the incentives scores full marks. Prizes are the sleek LG TV and all stages such as Groups, Super Eight, Semi Final and Final have prizes to be won.

So go give your luck a try and who knows you may walk away with a smart LG TV. But I am still not sure why the brand chose to name the campaign as a best reporter. Reporting doesn’t mean placing bets or does LG think it is?

3. Pepsi India:

Pepsi India, another official sponsor for the T20 world cup has made an immense effort on Facebook. The brand is portraying the message that T20 is not a game of ethics or values, it is about winning so why see it in a decent manner. The TVC was designed to give the same feel where the Bollywood star gives this lesson to our cricket team that play to win T20.

The brand at present is running a Bad- Tameez Dancer contest where the user has to celebrate in a funny way. So if you want to have some bad tameez dance for every T20 winning moment then click a picture, add some emotions and dance your way to celebrate in a funky style.

Along with this, the brand has roped in the famous stand up comedians Tanmay and Khamba as professors to teach their fans Master in Bad-Tameez Attitude (MBA). The idea is to have fun and also let them do what they are famous for - making fun. The guys are also doing Pepsi Live commentary during the matches for fans. Something similar to what PitchInvasion has been doing for a while now.

pepsi india facebook t20

4. Nike Cricket: #BLEEDBLUE

Nike Cricket, which has more than 2M fans on Facebook is running a campaign that focuses on “Parallel Journey” for this T20 campaign. The message is quite clear that there are thousands of cricketers who play cricket in different places and conditions but they live with one dream of playing for the country. Our Indian team is living by the same passion and #BLEEDBLUE for the one billion support it has.

However, the brand is not running any contest on Facebook which comes as a bit of a surprise to me. The content being shared on the wall is repetitive and misses out on the opportunity for such a big occasion.

5. Hero Moto Corp: Billion Cheers

Hero Moto Corp is running a Billion Cheers Facebook campaign for the ongoing T20 world cup. The brand has designed a Facebook app for its 323K fans where it is asking to cheer for the Indian team. As a fan you need to share your mobile number and then you would get a call to record your cheer.


The app also showcases the most voted cheers along with an interesting gallery being created. However, the creativity of the campaign really needs a rethinking. I guess these cheer campaigns are favourite ideas for brands during such sporting events.

6. Hyundai India: Fans of Brilliance

From brilliance in automobiles to brilliance in cricket, Hyundai India is another sponsor of the T20 world cup. The brand that has more than 696K fans on Facebook has started a “Fans of Brilliance” campaign. The campaign is testing fans brilliance by asking why a certain moment in a match was brilliant. So for example, in order to be a winner, you will have to tell why certain matches, certain innings, certain overs, certain ball was brilliant. Tough? Well it shouldn’t be for a true fan!


The app that has been built is a simple one where you need to fill in the details and you can stand a chance to win goodies. However, I am not sure why the brand wants to grab your mobile number for this contest, an email id is enough. The contest is also running on a microsite at the same time but is far better and comprehensive than the Facebook app.

7. Aviva India: T20 Challenge

Aviva India that commits to give a complete protection plan in 15 minutes online, is running a T20 campaign too. The brand that has 7K fans has launched a quiz contest on Facebook for its users. If you give all the correct answers then you stand a chance to get into a lucky draw and if you are lucky then you might get merchandise signed by Sachin Tendulkar.


The quiz app is a very simple one and has 4 basic questions. The questions can be answered in leisure and can be multiple times too. So it is a pretty simple one to test your T20 knowledge and stand a chance to win some goodies.

For me, Pepsi India stands out amongst the 7 T20 campaigns and Nike Cricket disappoints big time. Which is your favourite one and if we have missed out an interesting one then do share it in the comments.