7 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Best of the global campaigns - L’Occitane big success with Facebook Canvas ads, Netflix hiring “Grammasters,” Heineken Legends campaign and more

1. How L’Occitane is using Facebook Canvas ad units: Natural beauty brand L’Occitane is reporting that it has seen a big success in its beta test of Facebook Canvas, the social network’s immersive mobile ad format debuted this past February.

2. Stutterer: “Stutterer”, a short film written and directed by Irish film director Benjamin Cleary, has won the Oscar for Best Live Action Short FIlm at the Academy Awards. Greenwood, a lonely typographer, struggles with his inability to speak. An online relationship has provided a much-needed connection without revealing the speech impediment that has kept him isolated. The film has a microsite, stuttererfilm.com and Facebook page.

3. How Chris Rock Turned Girl Scout Cookies Into the Oscars’ Biggest Brand Winner: While most people watching Sunday night’s Oscars knew host Chris Rock would come up with a hilarious, cutting response to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy—and weren’t disappointed—no one expected that he would engineer the night’s biggest, and sweetest, brand spotlight for one of the most high-profile Girl Scout cookie sales in history.

4. Heineken Leaves ‘Legends’ Behind, Talks About Beer Again: Heineken is replacing its image-obsessed “Legends” campaign with a new approach that makes the beer the star. But the product-focused effort, called “There’s More Behind the Star,” will attempt to maintain some of the charm of the old campaign by using an Academy Award-winning actor to sell the message.

5. Blink Fitness Opts for Real Bodies, Not Models, in Campaign: Five-year-old Blink debuted “Every Body Happy,” which capitalizes on the current cultural shift toward more diverse body types, on Monday. The campaign includes a 30-second second video of bellies and butts, arms and faces, in a range of sizes.

6. Netflix is hiring “Grammasters,” a paid gig to take Instagram pictures: Netflix has a dream gig for people with generous vacation time and a sharp Instagram eye. The streaming service is looking for “Grammasters” again — four lucky people who will spend two weeks in Europe and the Middle East to post pictures from “popular shows, films, and even Netflix originals.” Netflix is paying $4,000 for the job plus covering travel expenses.

7. Associated Press Teams Up With Twitter To Track 2016 Election-Related Tweets: As today’s Super Tuesday primaries unfold, the Associated Press announced a partnership with Twitter and Google with the launch of its Election Buzz tool. Tracking 2016 election-related tweets and Google search volume, the AP’s trends tool shows which 2016 candidates and political topics are receiving the most attention online.