7 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read About

Curated list of best global digital marketing campaigns from last week which includes Sephora Video strategy, NBA's content play, Nikon ‘Phodographer’, #AskGradDad


1. Honda and Acura Financial Services Launch Digital Campaign for 2015 College Grads: Seeking to connect with graduating college students, American Honda Finance Corporation (AHFC) has launched two digital campaigns promoting their Honda and Acura College Grad programs. With almost four million students graduating from college this year, AHFC is tapping into the millennial market with a promotional strategy based entirely on social media and online influencers.

GradDad is connecting with visitors on the Honda Financial Services Facebook and Twitter pages where users can ask questions with #AskGradDad. HFS has also partnered with YouTube stars Ronnie Shalvis, Hunter March, and Brittani Louise Taylor to promote the program with their own Q&A sessions with him.

2. Shell launches online films to push premium fuel brand: Shell is lifting the lid on the lives of some of the world’s most exciting drivers through a series of films promoting its premium fuel Shell V-Power.

The films chart the trial and tribulations expert drivers such as firemen and stuntmen face on a daily basis, emphasizing why premium fuel is core component to their success in the dangerous tasks they have to regularly overcome.

3. Meet Grizzler, the Nikon ‘Phodographer’ who takes a pic every time he’s excited: Nikon has hooked up a heart rate sensor and camera to Grizzler the dog to capture the moments of the day that excite him.

Using a photography method called Heartography, Grizzler the Border Collie would capture an image from a chest mounted camera every time he gets excited or happy, granting viewers an insight into the dog’s daily ups and downs.

4. Why the NBA’s content play is a slam dunk: When Steph Curry brought his daughter to a press conference, he trended on social media. NBA writers caught that action thanks to Pulse, a social hub on NBA.com powered by Spredfast, which tracks player rankings depending on who is buzzing. They wrote up a post about it — a move to make content feel newsier and more interesting based on what’s trending on social.

5. How Sephora blended a stand-out beauty video strategy: Sephora is using video as a beauty retailer should: with lots of tutorials. The videos are part of Sephora’s strong digital strategy (the company opened its Digital Innovation Lab in March) that spans channels. Whether customers are shopping in stores, online or on mobile, video tutorials are at the ready to spur a well-informed purchase.

6. The Man and The Dog Inspiring Organ Donation: FATH (Fundación Argentina de Trasplante Hepático) is promoting the value of organ donation worldwide with “The man and the dog” (El hombre y el perro), a heart-warming commercial launched in association with Argentina’s National Organ Donation Day (30 May). The 90 second commercial is inspired by the story of Hachikō, a Japanese Akita dog who looked out for his deceased master for ten years after his death in 1925.

7. The brand that’s owning plus-size fashion’s social media moment: Social media has provided a platform for retailers to hear from one often-overlooked demographic: the plus-size millennial. And if social media is driving the conversation, Eloquii, an independent plus-size brand previously owned by The Limited, is at the center. The brand culls remarkable engagement with its customers on social by heeding their feedback, spotlighting their Instagram posts on its homepage, and even hiring them for company positions.