7 Best Digital Marketing Reads From Lighthouse Insights

Best of the week from LI - best Indian Digital Marketing Case Studies of 2015, evolution Of Display Advertising, 16 Global Digital Marketing campaigns, and more

Learning and development

1. [Free Download] 43 Best Indian Digital Marketing Case Studies Of 2015: Over 70 digital marketing case studies from 30 agencies and brands, nearly a month and a half later of reviewing, here is the second edition of LI eBook. Read more here.

2. 20 Super & 10 WTF Ads From The Super Bowl 50: Over 100 Ads were screened during the Super Bowl 50 and here are the top 20 that stood out from the rest. Read more here.

3. The Contenders By George Kovoor – Content That Sets The Trend: George Kovoor, in his first bimonthly column piece ‘The Contenders’ writes about 3 amazing Indian ads - British Airways Fuelled By Love, ICICI Bank Radi Library and Bajaj V INS Vikrant. Read more here.

4. The Evolution Of Display Advertising And What Facebook’s New Update On Audience Network Means For Advertisers: With Audience Network available for mobile browsing, Facebook has opened up for new markets like India which are still dominated by mobile web browsing. Read more here.

5. Why Our Learning & Development Needs To ‘EDGEucate’ Not ‘Educate’: Can we have a model for Learning & Development or is there a challenge. Srinivas Kulkarni shares his thoughts on the same and how Social Kinnect is focusing on EDGEucate rather than educating. Read more here.

6. 9 Major Updates From Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram: Social network news from the week - LinkedIn shuts sown its ad network, Twitter launches autoplay video ads, Instagram video view count. Read more here.

7. 16 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week: Best global digital campaigns - Coca Cola Hulk vs Ant Man, 5 Worst ads of Super Bowl 50, YouTube’s top 10 Super Bowl 50 ads, Snapchat Mobile game cookie jam, and more. Read more here.