6 Recommended Reads That We Liked This Week

Articles we loved reading at Lighthouse Insights - Inside Evan Spiegel's Snapchat story from Recode, Entrepreneur Renuka Aradhya's inspiring journey, Rahul Yadav's end from Inc42, and more

LI recommended stories

Digiday Shows There Is Money in Media if You Stay Focused: Digital publisher Digiday says revenue will grow by 50% this year, and it has done this without any outside funding. Talking to Fortune, Founder Nick Friese informs that the focus of being a trade magazine for online media has allowed the company to grow rapidly without ever taking outside funding. The article further talks about the content model, new verticals and the revenue models.

The #1 reason why position #1 doesn’t matter: Position #1, the elusive goal for so many SEOs, may not matter so much anymore, writes Rachel Lindteigen for Search Engine Land. She shares examples that prove if you provide useful information that’s easy to follow and understand, it could be used as a featured snippet in Google search results. While direct answers are still relatively new, and they’re not on all queries but it is good to start right now.

Why Sudhir Yadav is going to the Supreme Court for a ban on Whatsapp, Telegram etc: Sudhir Yadav, an RTI activist and a web developer, has filed a case in the Supreme Court of India, asking for a ban on Whatsapp, Telegram, and other messenger services which have end to end encryption, and provide the Indian government with no means of accessing these messages, citing this as a National Security concern. Medianama spoke with Sudhir about his views on encryption, surveillance and privacy.

Rahul Yadav – The End Of An Era That Never Began: If you follow the Indian startup world then you would know who Rahul Yadav is and his ways to be in the limelight. The ‘bad boy’ of the Indian startup ecosystem, got fired from his own startup to start something that got everyone excited including me. The Rebel was back, got big investors and he was suddenly the poster boy of the Indian startup eco-system. But not all that glitters is gold, according to an investigative piece from Inc42 it’s been 7 months since the launch but no one knows what the company does, staff is leaving and founder is pulling the shutter down.

He begged on the streets once. Today, this entrepreneur has a turnover of Rs 30 cr and dreams of an IPO: Renuka Aradhya was born in a very poor house, poverty that put him on the streets to beg. From failing to clear class X exams, to pushing handcart, to transporting 300 dead bodies to ferrying foreign tourists, Renuka now owns a fleet of 1000 plus cars. Yourstory brings the inspiring journey of Renuka who believes in the power of the mind. “What we think, we become. How many times will you say ‘I do not have any experience so how will I do this?’ Initially, there will be more criticism and less goodwill. But slowly the criticism will fade away.”

Inside Evan Spiegel’s very private Snapchat Story: Admirers say Spiegel is as good at building products as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. And if you think that’s hyperbole, several sources casually likened him to Picasso. Spiegel is building Snapchat into the new communication experience but in a very secret way writes Kurt Wagner at Recode. The article looks at how the product is being built, the growth it has had while peeping into Spiegel’s work and personal life.