6 Inspiring Social Media Campaigns

A collection of 6 Inspiring Indian Social Media Campaigns from first half of 2012

Reviewing social media campaigns is always a challenge but then curating them is also not an easy task. Since we are reaching mid year, we thought of presenting you the best social media campaigns that we had the opportunity to review. The 6 Indian Social Media Campaigns that I am sharing here had a presence felt across major networks, had depth in creative along with a sound social media strategy.

1. ‘Indian Food League’:

Hippo a brand that is often a favorite example of pundits at seminars is back again with Indian Food League, a campaign  crafted keeping in mind the ongoing IPL madness. Indian Food League (IFL) is funny and catchy and has been designed to capture the emotional rivalry amongst Indian cities, that creeps in during the IPL. So instead of saying that today’s match is between Delhi and Punjab, IFL calls it Papdi Chaat Vs Aloo Paratha. A microsite followed with an amazing Twitter presence and a Facebook presence made sure that they spread the Hippo love everywhere. The contest was a no brainer one but it’s simplicity and uniqueness inspired us a lot. Check out the detailed story here.

Indian Food League

2. Diesel India’s 2 Anniversary Celebration:

On completing its second anniversary recently, Diesel India planned to celebrate and so it organized an April sale for the employees and their near and dear ones. But they had a very short span to promote and Social Media came to their rescue. To gain maximum exposure, the brand along with its agency planned to do a flash mob on Facebook, which was happening for the first time on Facebook. The campaign had designed an amazing microsite which was connected with Facebook connect and QR codes were used too. The campaign saw more than 5000 signs ups in a very short span. Simply an innovative campaign and if you want to know more, then read here.

Diesel india contest
Diesel india

3. ‘Once Upon A Vespa’:

Once Upon A Vespa by Vespa India is one of my favorite campaign along with Diesel India till now. The campaign was just the right dose to educate Indians about the brand’s rich legacy and to do so it made an interactive microsite, well crafted Facebook presence and a Twitter presence. The microsite was a delight to see which was the center stage for contests but the answers were hidden in the brands Facebook timeline. Isn’t that cool to keep your fans engaged? Besides this Vespa India is one of the very few brands in India which has taken care to use the Facebook timeline effectively. A great learning for all other brands that have ignored this. A must read social media campaign and undoubtedly the most inspiring one too.

Once Upon A Vespa

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4. ‘Brand New Day’:

Society Tea’s ‘Brand New Day’ campaign invited four people to do new things each day in the course of 10 days. It was like fulfilling the small wishes that you always wanted to do but failed to do so and that’s not all, the participants will also blog about their interesting activities. A very refreshing online campaign and well positioned with the brand. The campaign is not only giving a chance to the four people to do certain things they might have wished for, but also creating a positive word of mouth around the brand. I am really happy to see the brand adopting blog as a main strategic tool and then spreading the words from the blog to social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. A delight to watch how you can design simple yet inspiring campaigns around blogging that was playing the center stage of the strategy. Must read for marketers who are running behind number of fans.

society tea
Brand New Day

5. ‘Time to Change’:

Another stellar campaign from Stayfree targeting only females and the whole campaign was planned around the launch of its new product. The brand tied up with Indiblogger  and on Women’s Day, it launched the ‘Be the voice of change’ blogging contest that asked bloggers to share what they would want to change around them. Along with the blogging contest, Stayfree had also tried to run an interesting campaign for it’s community on it’s Facebook brand page. An app was created on Facebook called ‘Bring down the wall of irritation’ which is made up of issues that are irritating to say the least – from child labour, eve teasing and corruption to domestic violence, dowry deaths and begging. The campaign had many takeaways for brands who are engaging on social media. To know the entire story click here.

Stayfree Bring down wall of irritation app
Wall of irritation

6. ‘Guess Whose Flavor’:

The chips giant from Pepsico inc., Lay’s had started the ‘Guess whose Flavour’ campaign in the beginning of April, where six new flavours were introduced. The contest roped in MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Yusuf Pathan, Christopher Gayle, Adam Gilchrist and Kevin Pietersen, as the six cricketers who have co-created a flavor each and you have to guess which cricketer has created which new flavour. 10 lucky guessers can win a trip with a friend to the ICC World Twenty20 Sri Lanka 2012 and enjoy the match from the premier stand plus a luxurious hotel stay. Now who wouldn’t want to try her luck on such a contest. The contest has a dedicated website, a Facebook app as well as a wapsite. What better way to introduce new products with a simple guessing game, having cricket as the theme in a cricket-frenzy nation where snacking round the corner is also a national timepass. The overall concept, design and execution as well as the fun games in the app were worth a mention and to know more about the campaign click here.

Guess Whose Flavour

Do let me know if you are aware of some other social media campaigns and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the above inspiring social media campaigns. And if you are a brand or social media agency and would love to share a case study then do drop a note at connect[@]lighthouseinsights[.]in