6 Inspiring Facebook Crowdsourced Campaigns

A curated article on 6 Inspiring Facebook Crowdsourced Campaigns from India.

Crowdsourcing has been the preferred choice these days for Indian brand managers when it comes to designing Facebook campaigns for obvious reasons (( Click here to know the reasons)). 2012 has seen quite a few such campaigns we had the opportunity to review. As we are approaching mid-year, we thought of curating crowdsourced campaigns like we have done recently for Facebook Marketing and Social Media Marketing campaigns. So, here’s a list of 6 interesting campaigns that employed ‘crowdsourcing’ to achieve more:

1. Design Kurkure Diwali Gift Box:

Kurkure is running a creative crowdsourcing campaign through Talenthouse India. The popular snack brand is inviting all graphic designers, Illustrators or anyone with a creative idea to design their Diwali gift box for this year. Having a design created by you that will reach lakhs of families this Diwali, sounds exciting enough but what’s super exciting than this is – the winning designer will receive Rs. 1 lakh cash incentive and the highest voted design will receive a reward of Rs. 25,000! Now that’s really exciting to all like-minded people, to know more click here.

2. Vijay Sales, “The Big Hunt”:

Logo designing is no more an assignment for a few intelligent minds, now brands want people to design for them. Vijay Sales, a name that is synonymous with exciting deals in electronic goods, wants its fans to design a new logo. It has designed a Facebook app, “The Big Hunt” for the contest and invited Facebook fans to share their ideas. An interesting way to be a social brand and reward its fans for their work.To know more about the campaign click here.

3. Micromax Logo Redesign:

Micromax had also walked the same path at the beginning of the year and it tied up with Talenthouse for this contest.The contest was available on Talenthouse website and also on the Micromax Facebook page through the tab ‘Logo Redesign Contest’. Another interesting contest that was conducted via crowdsourcing and I am sure it must have inspired larger brands to walk the same way. To check about the entire contest, click here.

4. Aamby Valley City Cover Page Design:

The cover page of brands on Facebook speak how creative a brand is and is the new trend too. Brands are now trying to crowdsource their cover page via fans which is an inspiring idea. The Aamby Valley City Facebook page was looking out for photographs that capture the true essence of the city. And if your picture makes the mark, then it would be displayed as the official ‘summer cover picture’ on the Aamby Valley City Facebook page for a period of two months. But that was not all; the winner also gets a one night couple’s stay at Aussie Chalet with meals included! Now isn’t that smart marketing, to know why click here.

5. “Rise Up” HP’s Community Song:

Now this one is the smartest one out of all the crowdsourced Facebook campaigns. When HP India Facebook page crossed the 100,000 fans mark last, the brand decided to do something different. It started an innovative social co-creation project along with the fans, the result of which is this song ‘Rise up’, it’s first-ever Facebook community song! ‘Rise up’ became the first-ever crowdsourced song from a Facebook community, where all the elements – lyrics, music and video have been sourced from the community itself. Now isn’t that cool and to read more click here.

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6. Freaky Traveller Hunt:

The Indian TV channel FOX Traveler walked the path of crowdsourcing while it was hunting for a host for its new show, The Freaky Traveller. The campaign, which ran in the month of August and September 2011, appealed to fans because of the interactive app. Passionate travellers, freaks, young job seekers, etc. were invited to participate. The app not only asked people for submissions of their applications but it also encouraged the participants to upload their craziest pictures and videos. The campaign not only was a brilliantly executed Facebook crowdsourced one but was one of the campaigns by Facebook Studio. To know more about the campaign, click here.

These six campaigns inspire me because they took the simple idea of crowdsourcing and blended with their marketing objective. I think that this should give a good deal of ideas to brand managers on how they can use crowdsourcing and be one of the social brands. However, I have just one request - don’t copy the same ideas as it won’t fetch you the same results.

Do let me know if you are aware of some other crowdsourced campaigns and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the above inspiring social media campaigns. And if you are a brand or social media agency and would love to share a case study then do drop a note at connect[@]lighthouseinsights[.]in

Slider image courtesy: cooltownstudios.com