6 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading

by Prasant Naidu on May 13, 2022

in Insights

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Image Courtesy: uniquefrequency.com

What a week we had! Once again the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook dominated the news. While the industry debated the LinkedIn deal with Slideshare, we shared our bit on this trending news. The same time Facebook announced it is going to launch App Center soon and they are simultaneously testing paid status updates for users. Don’t you think it is trying too much by cluttering the network?

Well, it may be killing itself subsequently. Yet it is worth observing how Facebook is equating itself as The Internet. Back home we had an opportunity to share some amazing blogging contests by brands such as Lakme and Vodafone. We also shared an inspiring story of Rajputana Customs and how Genex Logistics is creating an engaging social media presence.

Here we have accumulated some interesting articles concerning social media.

1. Tweet and Meet: A relevant article in today’s times where we are creating hashtags to spread awareness of events which are of common interests. The article also shares how some of the brands such as Kingfisher, Dewarists, etc. are using Twitter for events and spreading it across the network. A great take back for a local business if it is planning events in the near future.

2. In the Twitter – Tumblr World, Everybody is A Journalist: Quite an interesting article by Anu Parthasarthy who starts her article by sharing the interesting example of Morgan Missen, the Talent Manager for Foursquare. Morgan is a brand by herself. Today anyone can be a journalist and share her insights with the world.  However the challenge is also how wisely you use the freely available information and produce results from it.

3. Twitter Launches Full Frontal Attack On Spam Abetters: A blog post by Shashank talks about how spam’s have created a web of spam’s and how it has affected Twitter. Interestingly Twitter is not doing much to curb this problem.

4. Yebhi steals a little help from Friends: I am happy that someone other than us is talking about such cheap antics. A post by FirstPost that highlights how a desperate ecommerce company Yebhi is fooling fans via Facebook ads. I seriously don’t understand what is Yebhi going to achieve by these fans, as they would just increase your number of likes and will that help? Its time for brands to do some serious brainstorming.

5. How Social Media Impacted the Pulitzers: A blog post by Jaideep Shergill who explores how social media was used as a parameter while deciding Pulitzer Prizes for this year. The blog also shares how news organizations are adapting to the new reality.

6. #SatyamevJayate – a look at Twitter conversations: I think Satyamev Jayate is going to bring back the fun of watching TV on Sundays. The TV show is not only sparking results in the offline world but the world of Twitter is also abuzz and I think this is going to occur more in the coming days. IndiaSocial shares the Twitter analysis of #SatyamevJayate in a blog post which is worth having a look.

These are the articles we’ve curated this week and hopefully we bring you some more interesting stories backed up with insights.

Happy Weekend and don’t forget to participate in our book give away contest.

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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