6 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read

A list of 6 global digital marketing campaigns from last week which has Purina Puppyhood, Toyota Honors Dads, Malibu The Best Summer Ever Project,#Papertweet

Purina Dog Chow

1. #Papertweet: a voice against hunger: More than three million children under five die as a result of poor nutrition each year. So, working with Action Against Hunger, our team in Paris decided to do something about this, with #Papertweet. The campaign invites the public to bring the voice of hungry people everywhere to Twitter, in order to influence French policy. We Are Social and Action Against Hunger have collected hand drawn testimonies from those who suffer from malnutrition made them availible for sharing on Twitter – ‘paper tweets’.

In order to get these messages in front of influential Government figures, people are being asked to sign up on papertweet.org and ‘adopt’ a tweet. It will then be sent automatically from their Twitter accounts on the 15th June – World Hunger Day – to five key policymakers.

2. How Barnes & Noble appeals to millennial readers: When Barnes & Noble markets itself to millennials, it goes full BuzzFeed. So to engage those people, the brand went with lists: It recently tested a program called “Give Me 5,” where it picked five books in one category, like “books about cats,” or “scary books” and distributed those lists online as pieces of content. “That worked really well,” said Mullen.

3. Malibu deepens ties to YouTube vloggers for summer push: Pernod Ricard’s Malibu brand is forging deeper ties with young social media influencers for an advertising campaign that will revive its seasonal competition promising to give fans the best summer ever.

The campaign returns for the second year running and is pitched by the rum maker as being “even more inclusive” due to a larger cocktail of social influencers and key partnerships. Dubbed the “The Best Summer Ever Project” , Malibu gives fans a comprehensive A to Z guide to summer that follows young, creative YouTubers as they tour Europe and the US together, finding out the secrets to hosting the best party.

4. Sprite Moves Online to Push Millennials In China Offline: A Sprite summer initiative is using digital channels to encourage China’s post ’90s generation to get offline, go outside and have more fun over summer. The campaign asks Millennials in China to scan the QR code of one of 100 specially designed cans for a chance to win the activity depicted on the label.

Paid social media, product packaging, outdoor advertising, television commercials and events are being employed to drive consumers to a central campaign website, where Chinese comic and animation platform U17 – chosen for its popularity with the post ’90s consumer group – has designed a series of cartoons to depict the 100 summer activities.

5. Toyota Honors Dads With a Pair of Short Documentaries for Father’s Day: After its paternal score in the Super Bowl, Toyota steers the conversation back to dads with two short Father’s Day films from Saatchi and Saatchi Los Angeles. The carmaker is also erecting an “I (Heart) Dad” monument next week on Southern California’s Santa Monica Beach Pier.

6. Purina Puppyhood: Purina is promoting Puppy Chow dog food with “Puppyhood”, an integrated advertising campaign including a Buzzfeed video and a content-rich website. At the heart of the campaign is a 3.5 minute short film featuring a man who adopts a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. King Charles becomes Queen Charles before picking up the name Chloe. Chloe learns all about soccer practice, playing the piano, 1980s music, bathroom privacy and the value of miniature landscapes. The video connects viewers to the microsite, puppyhood.com.