1. H2O Challenge on Twitter: UNICEF France is marking World Water Day, March 22, with the “H2O Challenge”, an interactive campaign centred on Twitter. Twitter users are encouraged to extract H, 2 and O from their tweets, and donate funds to the provision of water for children in Togo. Launched in association with the Night of Water, the campaign is online at www.h2o-challenge.com, supported online by UNICEF representatives, volunteers, companies, journalists, influencers, politicians, opinion leaders.

2. Switzerland revs up digital marketing to counter currency shifts: Switzerland Tourism faces a currency problem. Since January, the value of the Swiss franc has risen sharply, while the value of the euro has fallen correspondingly. This one-two punch may lead to a drop-off in tourism by other Europeans into Switzerland. To fill the tourism shortfall, the Swiss are looking to the United States. Compared with a year ago, the US dollar is now worth approximately 15% more in Switzerland. To capitalize on this trend, Switzerland Tourism is turning to digital marketing campaigns to drum up additional American visitors.

3. Acura Targets Millennials With Musical Tumblr Campaign: Acura has taken to Tumblr to promote its new 2016 ILX car to Millennials in an effort to engage with the desirable demographic where they spend much of their time - on social media.

For “8-Speed Playlist,” Acura collaborated with eight up-and-coming musicians, each of whom created a song to match one of the speeds of the transmission gears, a key feature of the ILX. The SoundCloud playlist increases in intensity and velocity as the driver moves through the gears and increases speed. The campaign will culminate later this week with a video remixing all eight tracks into footage of the car, which started arriving at dealerships in February.

4. How Tecate Reached 93% of Its Hispanic Target Audience on Facebook: The beer marketer, which is owned by Heineken USA, leaned on Facebook’s Anthology program during the 2014 holidays. Dubbed “Manfidence,” its English-language effort pushed both Tecate and Tecate Light and was designed to be fun and street smart. And it targeted Latinos between 21 and 34 years old, marking the first time Anthology has creatively commandeered an initiative aimed at Hispanic-Americans.

5. This Vodka Brand’s App Uses Beacons to Light Up Bottles With Custom Messages: Medea is a vodka that retails for about $45 and features an LED band that wraps around the bottle to display strings of text. The bottles come pre-programmed with six common expressions like “happy birthday,” “I love you” and “congratulations.”

6. Kick your bucket list: American Greetings wants your ‘ThankList’: The card maker is asking fans to compile their own “Thanklists” on its new digital portal, where they can thank the helpful people who shaped their lives. Users’ text and video messages are being aggregated into a collective, immersive digital collage. Participants are also encouraged to share their messages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #ThankList.