1. Ray Parker Jr. Wants to Sing Your Mom a Song About Milk for Mother’s Day:Gooby, Silverstein & Partners—which created the original “Got Milk?” campaign in 1993—are taking the California Milk Processor Board brand digital, launching a new Mother’s Day campaign today on Facebook and Twitter. Through Sunday, they are creating custom short songs for people who post about why they love their mom using the #SongsForMoms hashtag.

2. Forget Flowers (or Gold Lions): Fisher-Price Invites You to Give a Mom a ‘Mommy':Created by 360i, the global social campaign rolling out in 15 countries invites Facebook usersto celebrate accomplished moms by “virtually” rewarding them with one of six cute, toy-like trophies — including an airplane with a spoon for a nose (“Super-Sonic Spoon Feeder”) and a toilet on a cake (“Potty Independence”).

3. Tempur-Pedic Mother’s Day Video Achieves Viral Success:In celebration of Mother’s Day and all the moms out there who work so hard to keep family life moving forward, bedding brand Tempur-Pedic launched a appreciation video which has achieved over 1.2 million views on YouTube and 32,000 views on Facebook.

4. Snapchat Offers Retailer Max ROI When Setting Up Secret Shops: Everlane, the fashion brand with a mission of radical transparency in the factory and design studio, takes their social media seriously. As a web-only retailer, Everlane has garnered a dedicated following across their various platforms. Recently, the company (like a number of startups) has placed ephemeral messaging service Snapchat at the heart of their marketing strategy.

5. Samsung’s #TextsFromMom ad perfectly captures what it’s like texting with moms: With Mother’s Day right around the corner (don’t forget to get your mom something nice, everyone), Samsung has put together a funny little tribute to the phenomenon of mom texts. Once you start the ad, you’ll immediately relate to exactly what’s shown on screen. Samsung shows flurries of texts that range from rambling missives and bizarre requests, to entirely blank spaces and incorrect slang words.

6. Anmum Others Day: Anmum is celebrating Others Day, a social campaign particularly designed for people who struggle to celebrate Mother’s Day. A poignant video features children and adults who have needed to look to aunts, uncles, grandparents and other guardians to take the role of mother in their lives. As a nutritional milk brand for pregnant and lactating mothers, and a fast-growing paediatric milk for children in several Asian markets, Anmum believes in celebrating the intangible essence that makes a mother, a mother.