6 Answered Social Media Questions That Every SME Should Know.

6 Answered Social Media Questions That Every SME Should Know.

One of the reasons why Lighthouse Insights exists is to fill the vacuum between the businesses and customers. To achieve this, we thought of approaching SME’s to help them visualize a world that they are unaware of. We started listening to achievements and problems about their business and we shared our social knowledge to find out if there is something that could be achieved with the help of social media. There has been some success and many failures. In this journey of learning and sharing we analyzed couple of static questions/concerns. Here’s our list which hopefully helps you decide better!
Is it FREE?
No, it’s not FREE like any other businesses it has a cost. Creating Facebook account or Twitter account is free doesn’t mean that building a community and engaging them is for free. As building your community can’t happen in a day, it requires time and time is money. So businesses, if you think social media is for free then please wake up but don’t worry social media won’t create six figure hole in your bank account. There are means to reduce your costs but if you have yearly or quarterly budgets for other forms of advertisements then why not have some portion assigned for social media.
How much TIME will I have to spend?
Creating your social presence is easy and quick but since bots don’t engage on social media sites so it’s going to take time. You can’t relax merely by creating your profiles and wait for a genie to come and build a community as ladygaga has. SME’s, please accept that you are not Sachin to be influential and second neither you have the money to create controversies. So patience and hard work can build your social media presence. It won’t happen in days and it can take months with effective engagement.

CAN I only have Facebook?
Sorry Facebook is not equal to Social Media. Facebook marketing is a great way to do social media marketing but what worked for others will never work for you. If you are inclined towards social media then what is the reason and once that is clear a small workout plan will always be helpful. Mistakes created online can never be overcome so think twice before jumping online.

TIP: Stop thinking what other businesses are doing and think why and what are you doing. If you are clear with your objectives, then you can use any social media tool. End of the day Facebook, Twitter, etc. are mere tools to talk and build an online relationship with your customers. So don’t follow the bandwagon.

CAN I have 100 fans in 15 days?
No, you can’t have it in months unless you are Charlie Sheen. Fans are not machines, they are humans; they have emotions they might like something and at the same time they might not. So even if you have apps that boast of getting you 100 fans in a day, you can’t convince your 100 fans to talk to you or express their views. We don’t think you can ever automate human emotions. So stop thinking of numbers, start small and don’t stop. Something’s may work for you and some might not. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, after all social media is about learning, experimenting and falling further. We did too.
Do I need to LEARN all this?
It’s your business; you need to learn social media. Social Media is not rocket science but it requires time and dedication. So businesses, you need to get trained and train your staff too so that they are also aware of it.

TIP: Being informed is great and this way it would help you to keep an eye on your social media agency if you have appointed one.

Sorry, but we have GOOD business!
Great if you have a good business and you don’t want social media, fair enough. Every business doesn’t need social media but have you ever thought of rewarding your customers. You have lovely service, you have great list of great customers but have you showed that you care about your customers and they are special for you other than that 10% discount. You don’t have to go out of the way to show your love but small gestures can make your customer happy. Happy customer means less of ads too.
So think over it, if you still think the above concerns hold strong enough then seriously social media is not for you and good luck for your business too.