Shoot A Tweet Gun To Win Goodies From 55DSL

About the Twitter gun campaign by 55DSL where participants had to trigger a gun by tweeting at a local mall. The ones who got a hit at the moving target won 55DSL goodies

55DSL Twitter Gun

This October, Diesel decided to take Pune by storm. Ever since Diesel has launched its new line of street wear called 55DSL in India, the Italian brand has been creating interesting campaigns to promote it. This one is a brand activation at a Pune mall by creative consultancy, Glitch.

Puneites strolling by in a mall were invited to shoot a tweet gun in front of a moving target. The moving target was the 55DSL logo on a black board and if you could hit it, then you stand to win 55DSL goodies. But, what’s a tweet gun?

55DSL_Twitter_gunA gun wired to the internet, which gets triggered by a tweet is called a tweet gun. (You can see it in the picture and the entire shooting game is illustrated in the video below). The tweet in this case had to include the brand’s Twitter handle @fiftyfivedsl along with the hashtag #gethit. Needless to say, participants also had to follow the Twitter page.

Understandably, this unique Twitter shooting game was a hit. Crowds thronged to take a shot at the gun with a range of excited tweets. Over the 3 days  of October (19, 20 & 21), the brand got 2800 mentions and 480,000 impressions.

I was wondering how this gun works, so did a little Google search and found a similar Tweet gun created by Neiman Labs for a ‘Duck Hunt’ game this September. Read how the ad agency went about creating the tweet gun to shoot a duck with the help of a microcontroller, relay switches and the Twitter API.

Sometime back, 55DSL had launched an innovative Twitter campaign ‘#55SecondsToLive’  where particpants had to tweet about what would they do if they had only 55 seconds to live. The best tweets were then displayed as graffiti on a virtual wall with lucky ones winning 55DSL goodies at various levels in the game. This one had trended for 3 days across india for its sheer connect, innovation and exciting goodies.

It seems 55DSL is storming India with a bunch of out-of-the-box campaigns. I’m quite impressed with the Twitter gun activation and can’t wait for the online version of the game scheduled on the 15th of November!