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by Prasant Naidu on March 14, 2022


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We step into a new week and looking behind last week, we wouldn’t love to remember it. It was a week when Japan witnessed the biggest massacre after the nuclear bomb erosion. Human Spirit has been high and that was reflected in Libyan sentiments who are trying to pursue a better life. Though not at the same level India also witnessed national crisis with the cricket team losing close matches and as a result our lovely cricketers have been trending all week.
Social Media(SM) too witnessed a number of changes with SXSW spreading the love for music and film. Social Media Examiner divulging its stunning list of speakers for the web’s biggest social media conference. Twitteraties responding to the earthquake that struck Japan and social media enthusiasts have once again come with innovative ways to help Japanese people. Social Media though had a funny side with Charlie Sheen’s hoax death news trending. Some of the other news that glued the SM space were Yahoo selling Delicious though unconfirmed and LinkedIn finding a way to hold its network on its site via Social news.
Last week Lighthouse Insights had a splendid experience in contributing 4 posts.
Why use LinkedIn while searching for Jobs is a post that discusses the various needs why one should use LinkedIn while searching for jobs. If you want to know the various reasons then do have a look.


Creating a LinkedIn Profile that works for you was our next post that covered one of the basic but relevant topic of creating a professional profile on LinkedIn. Would you love to know the various tweaks then do have a look. Please do share if you have an added tip that we could absorb in our list.


How to Connect in LinkedIn was a subsequent topic.We started with LinkedIn as one post but we have decided to do a small series. Do let us know if you like this idea. Have a look to know more on how to connect on LinkedIn


Does Social Media Marketing(SMM) work was our last topic for last week. We moved a bit from LinkedIn and we shared views and talks that were discussed by Indian social media evangelizers in the Grippel SMM summit. We discussed about ‘Word of Mouth’, ‘Engagement’ and ‘Honesty’ with other areas that thrive SMM. For more insights please have a look.
Past is gone but we always try to learn. Do let us know if we need to improve with your comments.
We have big ears and we are listening.

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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