1. Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO - India A Key Business Market In The Next Five Years: Dick Costolo CEO at Twitter states that India is a key business market after the company’s shares jumped 35% to $51.20 on the New York Stock Exchange. Read more here.

2. What Does The Facebook GroupM Agency Deal Mean For Both And Marketers: For the first time Facebook has officially signed its first agency deal in India with GroupM - WPP’s integrated media and marketing company.  Read more here.

3. What We Can Learn From The NDTV Goodtimes Social Media Blunder: A look at how NDTV Goodtimes handled a social media blunder first with an excuse and then quickly retracting to humour and acceptance. Read more here.

4. #NAMAindic: Social Trumps Search For Indian Language Publishers Online - Medianama: Medianama’s #NAMA Indic: The Digital Future of Indic Languages reveals that social is ahead of search for online Indian language publishers. Read more here.

5. This Friendship Day, Pepsi India Takes You #BackToSchool: Celebrating the spirit of friendship, Pepsi India has launched a video called ‘Back to school’ where lifelong friendships begin and do not end with the end of school. Read more here.