5 Interesting User-Generated Content Campaigns

A list of 5 interesting user-generated content campaigns in the Indian digital marketing space

User-generated content campaigns

User-generated content has been an evergreen strategy for brands ever since the advent of social media. And for good reason too. For one, user-generated content is the best way to build bonds in an increasingly shared virtual networks space. People love to ideate and create tweets, posts, doodles, videos and more, particularly if the participation is incentivised. In turn, the brand earns added visibility on more users’ social feeds.

User-Generated Content (UGC) also helps influence social connections. People are more likely to ‘like’ a brand recommended by their friends, colleagues and family. Besides, UGC is free marketing material that can be reused in further campaigns.

Banking on how this behaviour can shape consumer opinion about brands, brand managers have often resorted to UGC campaigns to genuinely find a connect with their consumers, or to build social buzz about the new.

Here’s taking a look at interesting user-generated content campaigns in the Indian digital marketing space:

Oreo India #PlayWithOreo

The world’s favourite cookie brand is on a global mission to inspire imagination and play in consumers’ everyday lives with its #PlayWithOreo campaign this year. Oreo India embarked on a fun social media campaign inspiring imagination with the cookie, with a variety of engaging contests, and a microsite that captured all user generated content pieces.

With #DoodleIt, fans were invited to create doodles using the cookie, #PopIt invited fans to find innovative ways to pop an Oreo, #PlayIt asked fans to find new games to play with their Oreo. The cookie brand continued the ‘play with Oreo’ series with others like #DipIt and more. Read more on Oreo #PlayWithOreo digital campaign.

Pepsi #CrashThePepsiIPL

This IPL8, Pepsi had launched a rather disruptive crowdsourcing campaign on social media, aptly titled ‘Crash the Pepsi IPL’. The carbonated drinks maker invited fans to make a 30-second commercial showing their love for Pepsi, with the promise that the best ads would be aired during the IPL matches.

The brand tapped into communities of content creators on the internet like bloggers and YouTubers to help spread the word. Apart from the 30 seconds of fame, the winners also received a cash prize of Rs.1 lakh and passes to the YouTube festival. Read more on Pepsi Crash the Pepsi IPL campaign. This is one of the winning entries:

Motorola #MyMotoLogo

Motorola’s Batwing logo turned 60 this June 2015. To mark the celebrations, the phone maker rolled out a unique logo design contest where anyone could come up with their own interpretation of the Moto batwing logo. The six best entries based on design and creativity won a Moto X each with their customised logo on it.

One could add a doodle, photograph or graffiti and then submit their entries via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #MyMotoLogo. Alternately, they could submit it on a dedicated microsite. Read more on Motorola #MyMotoLogo campaign.

Center Fresh #Endless

Perfetti Van Melle India had rolled out a new variant this year - Center Fresh Endless that claims to provide long lasting or endless freshness. Playing on the ‘endless’ product proposition in a creative and engaging way, the gum brand launched the #Endless storytelling contest on social media with prizes to be won every hour.

Center Fresh shared the starting point to the story and invited its community to take the story further with their tweets hashtagged #Endless. A winner was chosen every hour to extend the #Endless story from his/her tweet. The brand has created graphic visuals to support this ‘endless’ user generated story.

UGC with Dubsmash

Dubsmash is the new rage after selfies all over the globe. The mobile app not only lets you lip-synch your favourite songs but also your favourite dialogues from movies to create short videos and share it with your social connections on Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. Brands found interesting ways to engage their fans through Dubsmash while the world was treated to some hilarious user generated Dubsmash videos.

Kingfisher, The King of Good Times, was the first brand to ride the Dubsmash wave where it invited fans to celebrate the Good Times by dubsmashing to the Kingfisher jingle “Oo la la la leo”, and sharing them using the hashtag #KFDubsmash on Twitter. Read more On Kingfisher #KFDubsmash and other Indian Dubsmash campaigns.

UGC campaigns could be great at reaching out to consumers organically, like the campaigns listed above.