5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading

An article that is a curated list of 5 interesting blog posts of indian bloggers talking about various facets of Indian Social Media

indian social media
Indian Social Media

Apologies first as this post should have been out in the weekend itself, as it is meant for a nice weekend read. I promise you that the next will be ready by this weekend. From this week onwards we try to bring you a curated list of some of the best blog posts that focus on Indian Social Media from the hearts of Indian Bloggers. The list is focused towards more insights rather than news stuff.

1. So if you were following Indian Social Media business last week, then most of the week was about the amazing event Adtech, Delhi. The online industry had reported well. However, one article that I was attracted was from MediaNama written by Nikhil Pahwa, #AdTech: Pepsico’s Shiv Singh On Real Time Digital Marketing & Challenges. I think the article is worth reading. However, I am yet to find out insightful post about the event from a Blogger. If you come across any, do share with us in the comments.

2. Blogging is a word which I am closely attached to, as you might be aware. Amit Agrawal has written an amazing post for Wall Street Journal India, which I think is a must for Bloggers - Five ways to improve your Blog. It is quite insightful and really talks about somethings which I was not aware of, as I am not a smart techie. So read it and let us know if you have a new sixth point.

3. If you ask a Blogging guru on how to get more readers and comments then one obvious suggestion would be experiment with content. Simplify360 knows it really well and they have published a post that talks about The Most Social Retail Brands in India as a presentation. Insightful and interesting data to be preserved if you are a social media marketing person.

4. Copyrights in Social Media does that exist? Isn’t social media for free? Sorry sir, you need to give credit even if your brand page on Facebook is sharing copied images from Internet. A self note to myself too.The Spiral Staircase: Copyrights and Social Media is an insightful post by Dushyant K. Mahant at Social Samosa. Do you know that you can’t copy and paste tweets, to know more read on.

5. Finally the last post which took me a bit of time to find came from Nischala Murthy Kaushik where she dives into a very interesting topic and traits of a blogger. She shares her research on The Biorhythmic Cycles of a Blogger. As a Blogger I can connect with her, find out if you can.

That’s it for now and I will try to find some more interesting and insightful posts as too continue to deliver. Do let us know your thoughts on our new addition and if you have some interesting posts that you would like to share, then simply tweet me at @LHInsights.