5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on February 3, 2022

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The week gone by has been an impressive one. At the beginning of the week, we got a surprise pat on our back - Social Media Examiner selected us to feature amongst the Top 10 social media blogs to be read in 2013 globally. Along with this, we had a chance to look at some interesting news such as Indian EC taking social media advertising by candidates into expenses, IMN being launched, Engrave introducing 2012 Tweets Memories of India, and more. We also got a chance to review some amazing apps such as Scrapehere, Mojostreet and Musicfellas, and a great bunch of interesting campaigns like Krispy Kreme store launch, #RunForAReason instagram initiative and the talent hunt contest ’R U Fresh Enuf‘.

The week also gave us an opportunity to come across some amazing write ups, which are shared below:

1. Yatra, Myntra, Chumbak: Why they swear by social media: Arlene, in her post at Firstpost, talks about how companies like Myntra, Yatra and Chumbak are using social media specially Facebook to build a presence and drive cash flows too. The article looks at how social is good for businesses, how it helps in expanding consumer base and the ROI part too. Read the entire story here.

2. Stationery Brands Go Social: Nikita, in her post at the Windchimes blog, looks at how the stationery industry has adopted social media. The post finds out how various stationery brands such as ITC Classmate, Staples, Faber Castell, Crane & Co, etc. are using social networks and what networks they are present on. The post also shares some viewpoints on how effectively these brands can use the medium without the common goof ups. Read the entire story here.

3. ‘Screenagers’ bring about an evolution: Mahip, in his guest column at Exchange4media, explains who are ‘Screenagers’ and what keeps this community hooked. ‘Screenagers’ was envisioned by Douglas Rushkoff in 1977 and it is today’s generation that lives by screens and is considered to be “our evolutionary future.” Further, Mahip shares four main points that can keep this community hooked to the screens. Read the entire story here.

4. Platform thinking: a brief guide to leveraging networks for business: Sangeet’s article first appeared in The Next Web. The post discusses how in the age of networks, businesses should rethink on business models, marketing, human resource management, etc. to be able to drive competitive advantage from networks and create an ecosystem of value creators around your business. Read the entire story here.

5. Difference between Advertising and Social Media Agencies: Sagar, who has interned in advertising as well as social media agencies, shares a funny and quite debatable post. He provides 3 major differences that has raised quite a few eyebrows such as on structure, timings and work culture. Read it with a laugh and don’t forget to check out the comments in this post. Read the entire story here.

We hope that you enjoy our curated list for this week and do let us know if you would like to add some more articles to the list. You can always leave them as a comment or tweet us at @LHInsights.

Happy Sunday!

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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