5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on January 13, 2022

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LinkedIn celebrating it’s 200 million users world wide and various governments planning to scan social media were some of the stories that created a stir in the international social media world. At our end we got a chance to review social media movie campaigns like Table no 21, Vishwaroopam and share some more social media trends for 2013 from social media decision makers and agency folks.

weekend reading

The week also gave us an opportunity to come across some amazing write ups, which are shared below:

1. Social leverages beauty industry: Windchimes takes a look at how the beauty industry has realized the advantages of social media and is also using the platform to market and engage with existing and new customers. The blog post discusses in details how some of the brands are using specific networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Read the entire story here.

2. AR – Enabling online-offline integration: Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the way the world is viewed – or at least the way its users perceive the world, says Suresh in his article. He further discusses on how large is the AR market, how it is shaping the future of retail, advertising, etc. A comprehensive post to understand the potentialities of AR. Read the entire story here.

3. India rises to the social media call: Annurag shares his thoughts on how social media is changing India and has given power and voice to the common man. He shares some examples that helped surface reality due to the powers of social media. Whether it was Subhash Tomar’s death or the anti-rape protests, social media has been the power for the common man of India. He ends the article with a thought that “social media is not only a platform to congregate upon to say hello to the rest of the world but also to introspect, mull, decide, think, retrospect on common causes of sorrow, socially or individually. 2012 was just the beginning.” Read the entire story here.

4. Is email marketing still effective in the age of Spam Boxes? Email marketing is one of the earliest direct communication tools in the digital space, and has been used by companies to disseminate information about their products to a large database of existing and potential users, and create brand awareness and recall. But  is still not the preferred choice for most marketers. Pitch finds out what brand experts and agencies have to say on this. Read the entire story here.

5. Acha social media? Par karte kya ho? Himanshu shares a thought that most of the youngsters who are working or running an agency might have faced at some point. Himanshu shares that although the work is pretty much challenging but the most challenging part is to explain it your parents, uncles and aunts. A funny post with a hard truth. Read the entire story here.

We hope that you enjoy our curated list for this week and do let us know if you would like to add some more articles to the list. You can always leave them as a comment or tweet us at @LHInsights.

Happy Sunday!

Image Courtesy: http://www.dealsociety.com.sg

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