5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on June 16, 2022

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The week gone by has been an interesting one. A big thanks to our advertisers - Brandmovers India, Unmetric, Badhai and FoxyMoron. And just in case, you have missed reading us this week, this set of weekly curated stories from Indian social media  would be helpful.

1. The Evolution Of Engagement @ Scale: In his post at Medianama, Manu tries to explain how social has been hacked by brands and how they have been more interested in using the medium as an advertising purpose. He talks about redefining scale and advises that for engagement to happen at scale it is important for brands to create narratives that users can relate to and find currencies that both can derive value from. Read more here.

2. The Twitter timeline vs. Pritish Nandy: What is too much on Twitter, is quite difficult to say. In his blog post, Karthik talks about this by discussing Pritish Nandy’s article that became quite popular on Twitter. Pritish tweeted the article to his more than 4 lakh followers and within no time everyone was talking about it. Pritish started retweeting most of them and this is where the problem started. At one end there were people who had liked the article and at the other end there were people who had their time line full of Pritish Nandy’s tweets. Read more here.

3. So you think you can go viral? Three reasons you may be kidding yourself! Startups often wonder why investors can’t see how viral they’re going to get. Sangeet thinks that too many startups out there have claimed that they will grow virally and too few actually have. In his post he gives top three reasons why a startup’s claim to going viral may not be well-founded. Read more here.

4. Will Facebook Hashtags Kill Twitter? Facebook introduced hashtags recently. A move that Twitter has adopted long ago and also one of its prominent features. In his latest post, Sorav gives reasons why the hashtag feature could be a hit amongst people. Read more here.

5. Rethinking Facebook Connect: Do you think Facebook is no more giving your startup visibility organically then you may be right. Pravin talks about why he removed Facebook connect from Wishberg and he justifies the action with a list of thought provoking points. Read more here.

We hope you enjoy our curated list for this week!

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