5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on April 7, 2022

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The week started with a bunch of April Fool pranks and the one that caught our eyes was from Google - YouTube to shut down. The week gave us a bunch of exciting Indian social media news such as sharing stories with Railonama, AICC hunting for a digital and social media agency, Times Internet renewing its partnership with YouTube, etc. In addition to this, we also got a chance to review some amazing social media campaigns - Fox Traveler’s ‘where will your signature take you‘, [email protected] KFC India’s wow menuOperation Smile India’s #CleftToSmile movement, etc. and some effective social media apps - Betaout and StallMart.


And, here are the best 5 curated articles on Indian social media this week:

1. War of words in ‘cyberia’: Twitter turns into political battleground: Twitterland is fast getting polarized between the BJP and the Congress thinks Bhuvan and shares how Twitter today has become the political battleground. The post discusses the recent controversy about the Gujarat trip of a US Congress delegation and its meeting with chief minister Narendra Modi. The battles have begun but BJP remains way ahead with its early mover advantage. Read the complete story here.

2. Two Ph.D drop outs fighting it out to make a killer product aiming for the moonshot: Jubin shares the interesting story of the brains behind Airwoot, a New Delhi based social media listening and analytics startup. The story discusses on how the journey began, about investors backing them and the road ahead. Read the complete story here.

3. The Allen Solly End of Season Sale application – earning through Facebook: With intense competition among fashion brands on Facebook, especially during the sale season, Allen Solly wanted to stand out. Blogworks helped out to translate the engagement with fans and customers online into sales at physical stores to achieve an unprecedented ROI in the process. To do this it created ‘Scratch Card’ Facebook application that allowed users to scratch a card virtually and win discounts of 30%, 35% or 40%. Read the complete story here.

4. Facebook Home: 2 reasons it will be fun, 2 reasons it won’t: In his post, Mohul shares his thoughts on why the newly launched Facebook Home will be great fun for two reasons but at the same time for another two reasons it won’t be. Features like cover feed, chat head are quite exciting but at the same time the feature comes on Android phones and Apple fan boys will have to wait for some time. Read the complete story here.

5. Building online marketplaces: a checklist for disruption: Marketplaces employ the platform business model by connecting buyers and sellers and enabling them to transact. Sangeet in his latest blog post shares a SlideShare presentation for which he collaborated with Nir Eyal; the presentation has the essential points in a checklist for makers and builders of marketplaces. Read the complete story here.

We hope you enjoy our curated list for this week!

Image courtesy: www.guardian.co.uk

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