5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on March 31, 2022

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Twitter is no more only a conversation network, it is turning into a second screen. The recently concluded Nach Baliye 5 finale was the one to try out live tweeting during the TV show. We found some interesting campaigns to review this week for Sony India, Penguin India, etc. Furthermore stories like - Young Brigade Of Indian National Lok Dal betting On Social Media, India For Shiva and Achieve With Dell also impressed us. In addition, we reviewed Etable and got a chance to interact with Praveen - Co-Founder at Wooplr.

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And, here are the best 5 curated articles on Indian social media this week:

1. Politicians on social media: Is India ready? Priyanka, in her latest story, tries to dig deep into the on-off relationship of government with social media. The article starts with the interesting controversies that Indian politicians were involved in and later the shift towards the medium. The article shares how the GOI is trying to implement a variety of ideas on social and what are the social and digital experts thinking about this move. Read the complete story here.

2. The power of social media: An interesting true story from Mohanjit, where his social media friends stood for him at one of the most difficult times. Mohanjit had been to the Mobile World Conference recently and with lady luck not at his side, his wallet was picked. So with no cash and cards on him, Mohanjit was stranded alone in a foreign country but his social media friends on Twitter and Facebook came forward to help him. A single post and the misery turned into a fantastically positive experience for Mohanjit.  Read the complete story here.

3. Why I cringe when I hear the term SMO or social media optimization: Neil, in his latest post, shares why you can’t manipulate social media channels to adjust them to website or brand benefits. One can use tricks to increase the fan base, get followers, etc. but you can’t bank on technical manipulation to deliver real value via social media. Read the complete story here.

4. Can you beat the Harlem Shake? Saloni talks about the craze that has built up for the Harlem Shake video. Every other brand and people want to join and create their own versions of Harlem Shake but the result is that most of them are lost. The article further shares view points from experts on the trend and how can brands be more effective without sacrificing the brand communication. Read the complete story here.

5. Confession Pages by college students on Facebook risking university’s reputation: In his latest post, Sorav discusses about the Confession pages that have been trending on Facebook. The article talks how the fun thing is being used and misused presently. Finally he talks about how Universities can make an attempt to stop this which is affecting their reputation but I really doubt if Universities will listen to genuine complaints and act upon it. Read the complete story here.

We hope you enjoy our curated list for this week!

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